An ultimate guide about Legal practitioner; Solicitor.

A solicitor is a legal practitioner that has the responsibility to make lawful documentation and defend or represent plaintiff legal interests at court. Moreover, he/she has the potential to provide legal advice to the client in diverse domains.

Duties of a solicitor:


Disputable/ quarrelsome work is to some extent related to the contentious legal work. A quarrel is resolved between two parties under this legal work. The setting between two parties is done at a tribunal setting or court. Mostly this is done by providing alternative options to the parties and in this whole scenario solicitor act as arbiter or mediator.


Work in which dispute or quarrelsome is not involved is referred to as a non-contentious legal work. In this sort of legal work, most of the time solicitors have to deal with the person or business issues of a client from a legal point of view.

For instance:

  • Commercial and residential areas properties issues
  • Advising the clients on designs and construction projects
  • Deal with the companies buying and selling issues

Which skills are required to become a solicitor?

High-class communication skills:

As a solicitor, you have to represent your client in the court not only this, but also you have to give a piece of advice to your client regarding his issues. Only a person with good communication skills can tackle the above situations because good communication skills matter a lot, especially when you are conveying your point to the other person.

  • Negotiating skills:            

These skills play a pivotal role in increasing the success ratio of a client.

  • Problem-solving skills:

In the case-solving, it is critical thinking that matters. Your critical thinking method will assist you in solving any kind of case.

  • Attention to details:

While solving the case of a client, you need to pay heed to every detail. Because critical research is required in solving a problem, therefore a single minor mistake will put you in great trouble. Moreover, drafting is an important step that must be done before a verdict.

  • Written communication skills:

Written communication skills play a vital role in casting your impression on the client and in the court. Furthermore, if you are a solicitor and have a weak grip on English, then you can’t survive in the solicitor community. Not only this, but also it is English that assists you in making reports and legal documents. So, for becoming a successful solicitor pro writing communication skills are mandatory.

  • Enthusiasm and loyalty:

No one can become a good solicitor until or unless he shows loyalty to his work and more importantly enthusiasm. And definitely hard work as hard work is a key to success.

Where solicitors are employed?

Solicitors are employed basically in two ways.

  1. Law firm:

For most of the employees, the law firm setting plays a vital role because they start their legal practice from there. As it amplify the skills of an employee by providing training and high-qualification. After that, an individual can opt for any field of law for specialization purposes.

  • In-house:

Law practice in commercial settings is referred to as being employed In-house. Many renowned organizations i.e. BBC, GLS, Virgin-media opt for their in-house legal departments. Some famous companies even provide an in-house training agreement that helps an individual to become an expert in the field of law. But mostly this practice is being observed among the solicitors that firstly they initiate their careers from law firms, and then if they need expertise in a specific industry they opt for an in-house option.


The pay-scale of a solicitor is not fixed. It varies depending upon various factors.

  • Practice area
  • Your working choice matters a lot i.e. either you are working with a law firm or in-house
  • Your location of the office matters a lot.
  • Your experience rank

To some extent, the starting salary of a solicitor after qualification is approximately £25,000 to £40,000.

And pay scale of a junior solicitor who has experience of a few years has approximately £40,000 to £90,000 salary.

Future as a solicitor:

A steady and enthusiastic success path is waiting for only those solicitors who want to become partners in private sectors and have the potential to become a manager of legal departments in a commercial firm.

Last but not least, no matter what the profession you are opting for, always be loyal to your profession. As loyalty and hard work matters a lot, in all the fields of life.

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