Alex Saenz Changed The Wholesale Real Estate Game Forever. He Shares His Story With Others On His Youtube Channel

Real estate wholesale is no easy game to break into. From negotiating contracts to finding an interested buyer, the business takes people skills, business savvy, and a certain will to survive before even the slightest profit can be made. For real estate entrepreneur Alex Saenz, however, there was never any question about giving up. From living in a trailer park to making his first seven figures, Saenz’s story shows just how far grit and a little bit of luck can take someone who is willing to hustle for what they believe in.

One look at Saenz’s YouTube channel shows you how far the young entrepreneur has come on his road to real estate success. From his penthouse in Phoenix, Arizona, the 23 year-old millionaire records and produces slick videos detailing his techniques for real estate success. Saenz has founded more than ten of his own companies and regularly pulls in a six-figure monthly salary. Besides his main money-maker, a seven-figure real estate acquisition firm, Saenz also runs and the ALL IN Entrepreneurs brand. Yet while Saenz’s degree of success may seem overwhelming, his real estate empire was not built in a day.

Saenz grew up in west Phoenix in very humble beginnings. “From the ages of thirteen to eighteen, I lived in a trailer park,” Saenz explains. “My parents divorced, and I had to deal with a lot of emotional and mental trauma, such as anxiety, depression, and feelings of abandonment.” Saenz worked hard from the start, however, graduating high school with a 4.2 GPA and accepting an offer at Arizona State University soon after.

Saenz began paying his way through college by pushing shopping at a local grocery store, but he always had his eyes on something larger. That’s when he was introduced to the world of real estate investing. With only $500 in his pocket, Saenz dove headfirst into real estate, driving neighborhoods and picking up any odd-job he could. His appetite for all things real estate was insatiable – no matter how offbeat the job or difficult the task, if it was related to real estate, Saenz was there.

By his ninth month in the real estate business, Saenz landed his first check flipping houses. “I was living between my mom’s house and friends’ couches when I closed my first $13,000 deal,” Saenz recounts. “Then my real estate career took off. By the end of the year I had closed twelve real estate wholesale deals for more than $120,000 in revenue.”

Before another year had come to a close, Saenz started his first real estate business, Home Equity Pros. By staying lean and hustling to pick up new clients, Saenz and his team managed to close 62 deals totalling $615,000 in revenue with more than 60% profit margins. Saenz continued to grow his real estate company and soon co-founded ALL IN Entrepreneurs with partners Carlos Reyes and Sal Shakir. By twenty-two, Alex Saenz made his first million.

When asked how he managed to succeed at such a young age, Saenz points past his hustle and luck to a certain eye for business that he possessed from a young age. “I took a concept in real estate called wholesaling and scaled it up past what anybody thought was possible. Wholesaling real estate was a hobby to many, with top investors doing maybe $10,000-$20,000 per month. I scaled the business to revenues consistently topping $100,000 per month in less than three years.”

By scaling a wholesaling business so quickly, Saenz sparked a revolution in the way fellow investors looked at real estate. As wholesale real estate took off, so did Saenz influence in the wholesaler community. His YouTube channel now boasts over six thousand subscribers, while 183,000 hopeful entrepreneurs follow his advice via Instagram. Saenz also offers a series of tailored wholesaling sources through his website,

As Saenz points out, his influence doesn’t come from playing on people’s hopes for success, but rather by dispensing real knowledge on the inner workings of the wholesale real estate market. “I built my brand by building a real business first and then letting others know how I did it,” Saenz explains. “Unlike most ‘instapreneurs’ who teach first before learning success, I went through the process and now want to share my success with others.”

Although Saenz may seem like he’s reached the pinnacle of his career, the young entrepreneur is far from the end of his climb. With new business ventures around the corner, Saenz looks to leverage his experience and energy into everything from solar panels to branding and marketing. In the meantime, however, Saenz is most excited to help others overcome poverty and bad programming, while helping the next generation of entrepreneurs achieve success at a young age. 

Follow Alex Saenz on Instagram and hear his secrets for wholesale real estate success on YouTube.

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