Self-Hypnosis App UpNow: Mental Fitness Made Easy

In our current social climate, people have been searching for different resources to help keep their anxiety at bay. There are multiple apps for your phone and several websites ready to help your mental health. One that truly stands out is UpNow, an app that brings users the benefit of hypnotherapy.

Christine Deschemin– Harvard graduate and hypnotherapist certified by The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.–founded UpNow because she wanted to create a tool that would enhance the quality of life and add meaning to its longevity. With that in mind, UpNow offers self-hypnosis downloads of crafted hypnosis scripts with advanced hypnotherapy techniques. The specialists behind the app recommend you listen to these audios on a daily basis (preferable every day at the same time) for four weeks to allow changes to start happening. Even if you feel the changes begin before the 28 days are done, continue listening to the audios for the duration of those weeks.

The hypnotic state is actually a natural state of focused awareness.  This is something you may experience on a daily basis whether it’s from driving home from work and you find yourself home without remembering the drive, or you’re watching TV and hours have passed without recognizing it.  UpNow induces this natural state through breathing and relaxing, then making it possible to communicate with the subconscious mind which can then influence the listeners towards their desired outcome.

UpNow provides audios for virtually any improvement you’re looking for in your life.   There are ten free audios that target the issues people are experiencing in coping with the pandemic.  These hypnosis downloads include, but are not limited to, Find Hope in Tomorrow, Overcome Loneliness, Strengthen your Immune System, Caregiver Stress Relief, and Grow Calm in Difficult Times.  Just to touch on a few of the other options available in the monthly plan of $2.99 or yearly for $29.99, UpNow also provides audios for weight loss, improving sleep, managing pain, overcoming fears, gaining confidence, and enhancing your career.  There are more than ninety audios offered with new audios released frequently.

What is great about using UpNow’s audios is the efficient use of time.  Users need only set aside around 25 minutes of their day to relax and listen to the audio.  All that is required is for the listener to follow along with the audio and open their mind to suggestions.

UpNow is your mental fitness ally. Using their audios will help your mental hygiene, allowing you to stop bad habits and adopt beneficial ones. They offer performance training for high achievers. This means they will provide you with the right tools to develop mental resilience and endurance. Also, they have services to improve the mental fitness of athletes. If you are stressed and overwhelmed by competing but want to achieve more, their audios will help harness the growth mindset you need. UpNow can even assist with pain management. Research shows hypnosis can alleviate pain, and UpNow has created audios to guide people towards relieving pain.

Ms. Deschemin says “We are dedicated to making the benefits of hypnotherapy more readily available so that everyone can enjoy a better life. Our mission is to make the world healthier and happier and help address the mental health challenges of our times.”  She adds, “There are many challenges and they affect people of every age group. With UpNow Hypnosis, you can finally partner with your mind and realign your beliefs and mindset with your goals.”

There are many key elements that make this app the one you should be trusting. If you are looking for an app to help your mental health, you should try one created by mental health professionals. You should download an app that cares about its users and will provide the best kind of treatment. UpNow was created by a certified professional working to provide the best hypnosis sessions to benefit every person who downloads it. So, if you are looking to do something new, give this app the chance and experience hypnotherapy with UpNow’s high quality and advanced hypnosis downloads. Use those four weeks to work out your mind just like you would your body. Our mental health needs to be as fit as our physical health, and UpNow will help you achieve it.  No drugs, no surgery, and no side effects.  It just feels better.

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