Pinterest: A new platform for video ads

After a lot of social media platforms, Pinterest has also created a plan where the user can exhibit their video ads. Pinterest is a fascinating name because it enables us to ‘pin our interest.’ Our video ads can reach a million people if we know the correct way to use this platform. Let us look at certain steps and techniques to make our ads creative.

1. Qualified account

It is the foremost knowledge we must attain before moving towards the other steps. At present, not all countries have access to promoted pins. Make sure that you own a business account. You can do this by simply transforming the subsisting account into a business account.

2. Make the video

There are many options and applications available to help us to make videos. However, VideoCreek is one good option that provides free tools and intros for the same. 

Since the site supports only specific formats and types, it would be best to follow the following choices:

Thus, prefer to make a video in .mp4 format, which is no longer than 30 seconds. However, Pinterest allows longer videos as long as half an hour, but ads should be shorter and to the point. No one watches long advertisements that cause boredom to the viewer.

3. Transfer the video ad to Pinterest

We can load the video to Pinterest by following the mentioned steps. At first, login to your Pinterest account and choose the ‘overview’ option from the ‘ads’ option. Subsequently, you will reach the dashboard. From this center, you can track all the ongoing work since last month.

For uploading the video ad, tap on the red-colored ‘+’ sign. You will find an option that states ‘upload video.’

4. Give details to make it look more accurate

Adding specific details while transferring the video is a good idea. Some of the options available are description, thumbnails, website, etc.

While adding the thumbnails, be very vigilant and creative. Try to add that part of your video, which has the most eye-catching frame. At the same time, make sure that it is relevant to your ad description.

While adding the description in the pin, we are allowed to add 60 characters at max. Keeping this in mind, the details that we give should be short, specific, and complete. Give your best shot at giving maximum information in very few words. All the necessary information ought to be given priority.

You can also add a link to any of the desired pages of your website to the pin. Try to choose the page that suits you the best. Prefer the home page from where the customer can start looking towards your product. Also, avoid attaching the link to the payment page directly. It might irk the user, and he might not even check out the product.

After adding this essential information, the next step is to select a board. It is the board where the pin or the video will be posted. It will then appear in your profile. Now, your followers will also have access to view it. 

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that the video will play when we share it to a board. There is no option for autoplay. Users can click on your thumbnail to play it. When the video is promoted on the pin, only then it can autoplay.

5. Promotion

After following the mentioned procedures, the next step is the promotion of your video. Pinterest provides an option called ‘create awareness.’ Select this option by clicking on the ‘video’ option from the ‘ad’ menu. Besides, using this tool can help in the promotion of your video ad on a vast scale. Also, it can eventually lead to an increase in your customer base and make your product successful.

The campaign option in Pinterest gives you two options. You can start a new campaign or can also continue with an existing one.

6. Track your strategy

So, after finalizing all the stuff, and uploading your work, it is very wise to track your progress. Pinterest gives options within itself to monitor the progress report of the ad. To check that out, again, go to the ‘ad’ option and click on ‘video.’ Here, the owner can view the performance of the ad over a certain period. Its performance can be tracked, and we can get several details regarding it. The owner can check information like a count of impressions and the number of views.

Pinterest is one new platform to create video ads, and it can do wonders for your pursuit if used efficiently. This was a little guide to make your views clearer about this new feature. Check out Pinterest for showcasing your video ad and experience some exciting and profitable experiences. 

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