List of the latest Playstore Android Games

Android games do have lots of new games every day and this time the admin wants to review the latest games that can be downloaded at this playstore. There are so many games that have just uploaded and played in this game of course there is b M any games at all new but already a lot of people that download new games and is now very popular to be able to at mainakan. And the admin wants to review the latest android games that can be played for free, so that it becomes an option to be able to play the latest games such as Domino99 android card games . But of course a lot of games that can currently be played for free.

Of course by doing an exciting game we can get the game for free, by playing for free, of course there will be more enthusiasts compared to paying games. Because even more so in Indonesia, the players prefer free games compared to paid games . Therefore the admin wants to review the latest games that were released on Playstore and become popular games, especially in this country of Indonesia. Because by reviewing these new games you can choose to download the right games for the wishes of these gamers.

Bandarq Online

This one card game is a game that is currently the most widely hunted and also owned by the connoisseurs of this type of online card game which gives many advantages and also advantages in playing these android card games. This game used to be called kiu kiu and has often been played in many places. And become the most entertaining game from children to adults. So that this game becomes the most downloaded game even though there are already a lot of players who play these games because these games are already very well known especially in Indonesia so for promotion in Indonesia this is very fast compared to other android card games

Stone Age World

Stone Age World Games This is an RPG game released by Netmarbel. This game itself is currently one of the new games that have quite fast fans. This fun game is because we are in the age of the dinosaurs and have very strong animals. The image is the stone age because humans want to master the dinosaurs creating robots. But the robot can think for itself and want to rule the world. But there are heroes who try to work together with the strongest animals in order to defeat the monter. And this RPG game adventure begins. By adopting these animals and making them strong. Is a very exciting adventure that we can play. Netmarbel is a gaming company that has created very viral games. So there is no doubt about the quality of the many games that are played on this android. This game has a size of 1GB, and is very reasonable compared to the graphics provided in this game

Chiken Simulator

These games are playing as chicken and can be said to be very interesting. How all events can occur. But what’s interesting is that this chicken has eternity. So even if it falls from the 100th floor, it will not die, and even more exciting this chicken can attack humans. This game is a new game that currently has a lot of downloads. Although these games cannot be online, the excitement of playing these games is felt when we play. Because by doing this game, of course, will do silly things. Like crashing into a car. Skip from height and much more. For the type of phone that is recommended at least have 2GB of ram. This game itself has a very low size compared to stone age world games.

How very exciting not to play a game in this latest game. If you are still curious to install in Playstore. And specifically by Indonesians who like to play this android game. Because this new game is no less interesting in playing other PKV games. Of course at this time there are many advantages that can get a game that is currently the most phenomenal even as a new game to be able to play for free.

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