Know How to Speak to a Car Dealership and Get What You Want

A car dealership can be a very intimidating place, especially for new drivers, and those without much experience in negotiation. Salespeople employ a range of different tricks in order to manipulate you into spending as much money as possible. That’s their job. To counter this, it’s worth anticipating these strategies ahead of time, and employing a few of your own. That way, you aren’t going to leave with the lingering feeling that you’ve been ripped off.

Let’s look at a few points to bear in mind before you enter the dealership.

Don’t Rush It

If the dealer knows that you’re committed to making a purchase, then they won’t have any reason to lower the asking price. Shop around several dealers, find out who’s offering the best deal, and then try to push them further. If you’re in Northern Ireland shopping for a Nissan, then track down every specialist Nissan dealer Northern Ireland has to offer, and give them a call to get a few quotes lined up. Then, you’ll be better prepared to walk into your local dealership. If you don’t like what you hear, then be prepared to walk away.

Do your Research

Before you think about booking a test drive, you’ll want to research whether the car under consideration matches your needs and budget. Among the most important pieces of information you gather should be the list price of the car. You can get this either from the manufacturer’s website, or from a website like What Car?.

Keep Your Cards Close to Your Chest

If the salesperson knows where your limits are, then they’ll be at liberty to push you to reach them. Don’t say ‘I’m budgeting for £x’, because you’ll end up paying £x, or, in all likelihood, a little bit more.

First to Speak Loses

When the salesperson makes an offer, they’ll leave a pregnant silence which can often be quite uncomfortable. You may feel compelled to speak just to get rid of the awkwardness, and this might lead to you accepting offers that you aren’t entirely happy with. At the same time, when you make an offer, keep your mouth shut until the salesperson has given you a reply.

Start Low

For thousands of years of human history, the rules of haggling have been pretty much unchanged. You start by making a proposal that’s outside what you really consider reasonable, and have the other party drag you kicking and screaming up to a compromise. While there are limits to how far you can push this, most new buyers tend to underestimate how cheeky they can really be.

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