Jafflz Toasted Pocket Review

Would you believe there is a quick, easy to prepare, and healthy option for eating at home or on the go? Well that is exactly what we found in Jafflz and the brilliance behind its Founder Chef Meryl van der Merwe!

You may not be readily familiar with the term “Jafflz” or Jaffle as they were originally called, but you certainly came across the round shaped, pocket sized, breaded sandwich with the crust cut off when you were just a young kid.

The  Background: The Jaffle may have originated from the sweeping white-sand crescent of Bondi, Australia in 1949, however, it was a small group of South African merchant sailors who brought the iron plate cookery back home with them to Johannesburg in the late 70’s where the Jaffle quickly became a favorite in South Africa’s food culture revolution and into the hands of a young future chef named Meryl.

Meryl van der Merwe began her culinary career as a private chef aboard some of the worlds most exclusive luxury yachts. Preparing and serving gourmet meals daily to high-profile celebrities, royals, and other dignitaries from all over the world. After several years of crisscrossing the ocean Chef Meryl eventually traded in her sea-legs for something a little more grounded, the Rocky Mountains to be exact, where the challenging environment she thrived on at sea became the foundation of what was to become her next big adventure, the launch of Jafflz.  

The Product: A sample box of Jafflz Toasted Pockets arrived at our office just before lunchtime with a friendly handwritten note signed by “Team Jafflz”. Individually packaged for 1 serving each, the bright colors of orange and white are visually appealing and immediately stood out compared to other products we have reviewed. The blue circles with bullet pointed nutritional facts are also a nice added touch letting potential customers know that “healthy” is truly a number one priority.

According to Jafflz website there are currently 6 different flavors available, Sloppy Joe, Chicken Enchilada, Ham, Egg & Cheese, Mac N’ Cheese, Vegan Indian Curry, and Vegetarian Cheese Pizza. The Jafflz come frozen with easy to understand instructions on the back for an oven or microwave but we found a toaster oven worked best after having tried two (cheese pizza and chicken enchilada) in the microwave.

We cut each toasted pocket up into as many slices as possible to get as many opinions as we could about the taste, texture, overall favorite, etc.

The Favorite: It was a straight tie between the Sloppy Joe and Chicken Enchilada for favorite overall Jafflz, with Mac N’ Cheese running an awfully close 2nd and the Ham, Egg & Cheese scoring last. Each Jafflz tasted great but what is the most interesting takeaways from this product review is the portion of ingredients in each pocket, where a lot of these type of products are made up of mostly bread and/or little of the actual ingredients the products claim to have inside. We give an A+ for the protein content and have charted it below:

Mac N’ Cheese                  10g

Sloppy Joe                          25g

Ham, Egg and cheese      15g

Cheese Pizza                     15g

Chicken Enchilada           19g

Indian Curry                        8g

The Final Thought: Jafflz Toasted Pockets are an excellent value for the cost, legitimately healthy, quick, and easy to make that honestly satisfy your hunger. Thank you Team Jafflz for thinking of us for your product review and congratulations on the success of Chef Meryl’s Jafflz.

Find Jafflz on the web: www.jafflz.com
Find Jafflz on Instagram: OfficialJafflz
Find Jafflz on Facebook: Jafflz

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