Inspiring Things To Know About Aruba

Aruba is the beautiful home to gorgeous beaches and warm waters. If you want a place to relax at, take your shoes off, and take in beautiful views, the gorgeous island of Aruba is that just spot. Some of the best cruises are the cruises to Aruba and this is a good enough reason as to why you should visit Aruba.

 Did you know that the island of Aruba has one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the whole wide world? It is almost certain that when you visit the beautiful island of Aruba that you may run into somebody that speaks the exact same language that you do. The beautiful land of Aruba is home to over 90 plus nationalities and ethnic groups of people. Some of these groups of people are Keno and Eastern European people. For many years in the past, the island of Aruba has been the perfect spot for amazingly great Indonesian food.

 Did you know that there are well over 300 prehistoric pictographs to be yet discovered on the island of Aruba? Yes, this is true. Even up to this day the beautiful paintings of the Conquito Shamans who once inhabited Aruba can still be seen today on the island’s beautiful rock formations. On a beautiful and clear day on the island of Aruba, one can see the beautiful country of Venezuela as well. Beautiful Aruba is also known as being the capital of the Caribbean by many native people. This magnificent but yet tiny island has always been an internationally-renowned Film Festival area for many too.

Aruba, over the past five years has greatly been hosting various filmmakers and enthusiastic film fanatics from all around the world as part of their official Aruba International Film Festival. This beautiful but yet tiny island also offers vacationers and travelers breathtaking white sandy beaches that are truly barefoot friendly. Aruba also hosts many watersport megas lined with famous resorts to beautiful but yet private secluded coves that are sandwiched right between Limestone Cliffs and beaches and provide for the whole family to do. For well over 80 years now, Aruba has definitely been a successful pioneer in purified water technology. The island of Aruba has always been known to keep the ball rolling with baseball too. The many villagers enjoy playing baseball on this island. In Aruba, gambling winnings do not ever get taxed too and so this is something good to know for travelers and vacationers alike. So the good news is that when you play at one of Aruba’s amazing casinos, in the end you will be able to keep all of your earnings.

 In Aruba, generally 20% of the island is completely dedicated to National Parks alone. Aruba is also home to a natural pool that is a pristine and private swimming hole protected by a wall of volcanic rocks. This gorgeous island of Aruba is also one of the islands that has the most beautiful sunny days of any Island located in the Caribbean. And, if you do come and decide to visit this beautiful island of Aruba, you just may see many baby turtles about the sand. Aruba has long been known to be home to various different species of beautiful sea turtles for years. Aruba’s official Turtugaruba Foundation is a huge part of a global program set up in Aruba in protecting and preserving sea turtles.  Another interesting fact is that Aruba is also known for having lots of wild donkeys and wild goats. The nearby non-profit foundation known as Salba Nos Burico also leads a sanctuary located in Santa Lucia for the pregnant and ill donkeys. Ever since it’s official opening in the year 2000, the Salba Nos Burico foundation has tremendously helped in restoring a population that was once almost completely extinct. Do you want to see ostriches? Well, go ahead and walk over to the Aruba Ostrich Farm and you may just see around 80 or so Ostriche

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