How to take CBD oil

CBD, CBD oil or cannabidiol, is the chemical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant species. It doesn’t give you a high though it is obtained from the same source as the psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is quite popular in the USA and many other countries because it is known to contain a lot of medicinal properties.

CBD is legal in most of the countries today, provided it contains less than 0.3% of THC. Therefore, many manufacturers have started to make CBD-infused products in many forms such as pills, powders, creams, lotions, syrups, tinctures and more. If you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, you may be confused about choosing the right method of consumption of CBD.

Here are some common ways in which you can take CBD to get the maximum possible benefits from this compound:

Oral Ingestion – Oral ingestion is one of the most common ways of consuming CBD. There are many types of CBD edibles in the form of candies, gummies, capsules and pills. These come in specified measurements and it is easy for you to have a track on the dosage to increase or decrease accordingly in the future. These take about 45 minutes to get absorbed into your blood stream, and their effects last in your body last for many hours.

Tinctures – If you are hesitant about trying out CBD because of the compound’s taste, a tincture maybe the right choice for you. Here, you can keep a CBD tincture beneath your tongue and hold it in the same place for about a minute. Tinctures help CBD to get absorbed into your blood way quicker than capsules. Also, with tinctures, you can adjust or reduce the intensity of CBD content, based on your convenience.

Topical Applications – CBD is available in the form of creams, lotions and ointments from different brands. These topical application can be used for rashes, irritations and allergies. Many sportspersons use topical creams to get rid of swelling, pain and other sports-related injuries. The biggest advantage of these topical creams is that you don’t have to experience the weed-like taste of CBD when you use them.

What is the right dosage?

Though there are many studies and researches to prove the benefits of CBD in reducing chronic pain, anxiety disorders and inflammations, not much clarity is available regarding the right dosage of CBD.  Humans can tolerate more than 10000mg of CBD per day; however, it is advisable that you start with 10 to 15 mg of CBD per day, regardless of how you take it. Wait for a week to see how your body reacts before you increase the dosage. If you are feeling uncomfortable after consuming CBD, you should reduce the dosage right away.

Always remember to consult your doctor to get more information about the right way to consume CBD. He will also guide you on the correct dosage you have to use, based on your existing physical conditions, if any. Never increase your dosage drastically, on your own, as it can lead to some uncomfortable side effects.

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