How to play the season of the worthy

Bringing a lot of adventures and mysteries to solve, Destiny 2 season of the worthy is an amazing addition to your gaming list. From the trailer, it is obvious that it won’t be easy, but with our detailed guide, you will get some tips on effectively playing the season.

You can download the game from XBOX, PlayStation, Steam and STADIA. After downloading the game, you have to select your guardian. Customize the guardian in your own style.

Understand the map

If you are playing for the first time, you need to know that understanding map is an essential requirement. It keeps you aware of your enemies and from where they can attack you. Apart from that, you know your location and the destiny where you have to go.

Go for trial first

For a beginner to understand the movements and how to shot down the enemy carefully, you need to practice with the trial version first. It will give you enough understanding of the commands and actions you perform.

Get bounties from the previous season

As Destiny series has many seasons, and if you are a regular player, you might be worried about the bounties you got in the previous season. The bounties you got and didn’t turn in will be there when you enter with a new season. You can turn in those bounties and claim them. One bounty does not worth more as compared to 40 bounties. Each one bounty in 40 worth 10,000 XP which means you will get four hundred thousand XPs at the start of the season. This will amazingly rank up your artifacts in the game.

Power up to 1000 in the fastest way

To get Season of Worthy boost you have to focus on two thresholds:

·         The soft cap of 1000 power level- You can get to this point through drops that are frequent in the game.

·         A hard cap of 1,010 power level- You can get to this point only through pinnacle rewards you get in the game.

To get the energy to 1000 you have to complete tier from base level +3 to +8.

In Tier1 with base-level +3, you can increase energy 8 through weekly challenges from the tower (Vanguard, Gunsmith, Gambit, Crucible). The planetary flashpoints, prime engrams, Lunar recall (weekly mission to the moon), Seraph Bunkers, Legendary Lost Sectors, Seraph towers, (all of these give powerful gear completion). If you successfully complete Trials of Osiris in Tier 2 can give you powerful drops. In Tier 3 if you complete all challenges in Pit of Heresy dungeon you get energy rise 5+ while defeating the boss gives you pinnacle reward.

Upgrade Rasputin bunker

As the power of Rasputin grows it offers a wide array of technology. The right way to upgrade your bunker is to one by one upgrade the items. Keep the right order of upgrade as you can go to the column again for upgrading new items. The right order to upgrade your bunker is start from the last column of each rank. Then give a gap and upgrade the third column from the right side.

Getting weapons

In this season you don’t get a weapon in reward to a sundial. Instead of that, you get bounties that you can turn in to claim for the weapon. The season pass can give you SMG and Shotgun. Although the best way to get weapons are bounties, they cost two encrypted bits and no refund. Apart from that, there are weapon drops from daily bunker clears, legendary Lost Sector chests. Sometimes the free chest also gives rewards similar to the paid chest.

Get Lumina exotic hand cannon

If you are playing well from weeks, chances are there for you to get the Lumina exotic hand cannon. You have to raid the tribute hall with another team member. It is easier than raiding random places. You can upgrade the capabilities of your weapon from the exotic catalysts section.

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Myitsolutions a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google news approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

About MyitSolutions

Myitsolutions a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google news approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

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