How To Choose The Right Moving Company

It can be challenging to find the right moving company. People have several complaints regarding the movers, and it is mentioned by the Better Business Bureau that more than 7,700 people were not satisfied by the movers in the United States. The complaints were regarding damage to property, property loss, and late arrival.

To avoid such losses, avoid moving violation and to keep your belongings safe while traveling, you need to choose the right moving company. You need to consider the following points while choosing the right traveling company for you.

1.    Get referrals

It can be time-consuming to check for the right moving company over the internet. You can ask from your social circle, friends, or families whether they can recommend a moving company for you.  You can ask a real estate agent for a referral.

2.    Follow the rules of three

Do not choose the first movers you come to see while conducting the research. You need to ask for at least three different companies so you can make a final decision.

3.    Look for red flags

While you are estimating the right movers, make sure to look for red flags. If you come to see fishy signs about a company, do not select the company. The most trustworthy moving companies will never ask you to deposit your money before you travel. If the moving company is asking, again and again, to deposit the money before moving, it can be a fishy sign. Also, check the professionalism of the movers.

4.    The mover should be licensed and insured

A particular U.S DOT number is assigned to a number of movers to ensure the movers’ authenticity. The licenses are given by the U.S Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. While traveling in another country, you can verify the traveling company’s license through some particular websites. Also, you can ask to show the company’s U.S DOT number. Therefore make sure to check the license and insurance of the movers.

5.    Check with the better business bureau

Tracking and checking the moving company’s record is quite necessary and make sure to conduct the research with the BB. Research is free of cost, so you can easily do it. Focus on choosing the moving companies that are associated and approved by BBB. It is necessary for a moving company to have a good rating. A good rating ensures the reliability of a moving company.

6.    Ask about official recognition

Before allotting them an approval seal or a membership, the Trade associations thoroughly check the companies. Look for the popular logos such as Storage Association’s Pro Mover logo or American Moving logo or you can verify the logo directly on their websites.

7.    Verification of address

You can ask the movers about their website and then check the mentioned locations on the websites or from the phonebook. It is to be noted that the address of the company is mentioned below the company names. Beware of any address specified under a residential name.

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