Hook-Up Dating Websites Stronger Than Ever Despite Pandemic

The dating game can be painstaking at the best of times. Finding a life partner or a one-night stand has been further complicated with Covid-19.
Lockdown, social distancing and a cureless contagion threaten to ruin the sex lives of love-seeking singles.

Or so you would think! 
In reality, online daters feel that the coronavirus pandemic has actually made their quest for love even more important. People have turned to adult dating websites in droves. 

Reports indicate online dating registrations spiked by 82% in the first month of lockdown. As life gets back to the ‘new normal’, the number of users looking for love on dating apps is not expected to suffer a significant drop. 

Webcam Dating Hookups

Despite the dip in numbers of confirmed Covid-19 cases, there is still a risk of catching coronavirus. Take precautions and don’t exchange saliva and sputum by kissing anybody that does not feel well. 

Adult dating websites have and will continue to have a significant role in how people connect and build relationships by sharing intimate experiences. 

Beyond flirting and chatting, singles are actively engaging in online dates through video apps such as Skype and Zoom.

Many dating sites have built-in video cameras and chatrooms where singles can have virtual dates including sit down meals, movie marathons and cocktails.

You may even want to move your dates into the virtual bedroom. Hook Up Dating Website Shagbook saw a significant increase in the use of webcams during the lockdown in the UK. 

The adult dating website also conducted a survey which reports that 22% of their members engaged in a one-night stand even after the spread of coronavirus hit the headlines (albeit before the government called for a lockdown). 

Moreover, 29% of the 1000 respondents in wedlock cheated on their spouse with a one-night stand before being ordered to stay home.

Meaningful Connections

Coronavirus is expected to change dating in the foreseeable future. It is anticipated that dating couples may not hit the hay so early in their relationship. 

If there is one thing that lockdown has taught us, people are starting to see the value in building stronger emotional connections before engaging in sex. 

Video-chatting gives people the opportunity to learn more about your potential partner. Whilst social distancing is a recommendation, singles that meet on dating apps have their first dates online as well. 

For many, video-dates relieves the pressures commonly associated with first dates. There is no social anxiety or worrying about what to wear. And the stress of arriving at your chosen venue on time is completely eliminated. 

Moreover, virtual dating can inspire creativity. In many cases, it helps people to be more open and allows you the time to get to know the other person. Challenging times are a real opportunity to cultivate deeper connections. 

Whatever your feelings are about the pandemic, Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon. Dating websites provide a solution for singles to connect online and to connect emotionally. 

Some things are worth waiting for. True love is one of them. 

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