Korean Streetwear Guide

The season of travel has returned. Asia is drawing attention as a destination in 2009. You can forget about the memories or prejudices of a group package tour that went along the flag of a travel agency in search of old cultural heritage. In Asia, a more dynamic continent than ever, the most innovative changes are taking place every day. Taiwan, which contains Asian breaths in a modern building forest, Macau, which is designing a city dreaming of becoming an international resort, Yugen and Tokyo, which has a natural sense of design in daily life.

What to wear in the streets of Korea?

A brand is like a living and breathing creature. A good brand is imprinted in our hearts and becomes a companion for life. In order for a brand to remain meaningful, it must evolve constantly, reflecting the needs and times of changing customers.

Korea should also be remembered as an impressive and differentiated form for tourists around the world as a tourist destination. Here’s the guide to Korean Streetwear which can help visitors.

The necessity of Korean tourism brand

Korea, is now recognized as a trend-and-creative’ tourist destination by’ leading the popular culture’ to tourists around the world. So you can shop from luxury brands in Yugen, as it’s the destination for unique brands especially for tourists.

Korean Streetwear Trends

Where you can see dozens of brands at a glance, from original brands, Luxury Fashion, Korean Streetwear, Korean Streetstyle, designer brands to designer brands is Korean Yugen. They are really helpful to get some good quality stuff.

FOR WOMEN: In Yugen, Women’s Pavilion is full of unique design clothes, as well as new shoes, bags, and accessories that make your eyes stand out. In addition, lovely household goods also occupy a place, making it an all-in-one shopping place.

Appliances that you want to appreciate, amadana Omotesando Hills Home appliances with Japanese sensibility and modern design. There are many things to see, including a stylish display reminiscent of a gallery. You can meet the sense of design that makes your everyday life special.

Daily + Style + Idea, Idea Frames Omotesando Hills

Design Item Heaven, Idea Frames. Unique design props from our own brand and famous brands from home and abroad are gathered together. There is also a small gallery space on one side of the store, so you can always enjoy various exhibitions.


Kashira, a fun hat store. It means’head’ in Japanese. Opened under the motto that hats are not only functional but also fun, CA4LA is first-class publicity that established hats in Japan as an essential fashion item. A variety of hats are available from funky to classic.

ESTNATION Roppongi Hills A

Unique yet luxurious editing shop with world-class designer brands in one place. You can meet famous designer brands from inside and outside of Japan and design products unique to ESTNATION. A store where not only women but also men can have a good time. Yurakucho and Ginza also have stores.

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