8 Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Tips

If you think it’s time to update your home but seeking for refreshing ideas, why not do it eco-friendly way? It will not just save the environment but also avoid making a hole in your wallet.  Here are a few tips to renovate your home in an environmentally savvy way.

  1. Buy Reclaimed:

Buying new furniture is not the only way to go about house renovation. It does not matter if your furniture is all new and shiny as at the end of the day you need not spend a lot of your budget buying furniture. You can make use of reclaimed wood, which is environmentally friendly as well as becoming popular in the world of interior designing.

  1. Donate Unwanted Items:

If you do not wish to keep a few things while renovating your home, do not just toss it away. You can always donate to the goodwill shop or a charity. Tossing away will only add on to the landfills. Donating or selling it to someone in need for a lesser price is a great way for your items to get recycled and reused.

  1. Do Not Demolish Your Home:

Tearing down the home to reconstruct is not a solution. Walk around to check what you can salvage and re-use it. Demolishing will only lead to wastage of money.

  1. Be Energy-Efficient:

While renovating, you also should look around and inspect your current appliances to figure out if they are energy efficient. If you have electrical appliances older than 5-6 years, then get it replaced with a more energy-efficient model as old appliances only add more to your carbon footprint.

  1. Think Innovatively Instead of Replacing:

Instead of replacing something you do not like, why not change a few things about it? If you are not a fan of the way your kitchen cabinets look, then you can always change the doors or repaint it to make it look different. Replacing the whole thing is only going to add to your wastage pile.

  1. Insulate:

Choose high-quality insulation as the better your home is protected via insulation, heat or cold air loss will be prevented which will reduce the power usage of the thermostat. Insulate your plumbing too, which will further reduce electricity wastage.

  1. Let the Nature In:

Design your home with more open space and larger windows to let the sunlight in so you use less electricity to light the room. Install a solar panel to use solar energy so you can reduce the usage of non-renewable sources of energy. Skip the usual flooring material and use sustainable eco-friendly bamboo flooring so that your house looks earthlier.

8.Antique Shops:

To decorate your home in an eco-friendly way. Why not visit Antique Shops where you will not only find repurposed items but also it will add an aesthetic appeal to your room?

At the end of the day, as you renovate your home in an eco-friendly way, it not only helps the environment but also allows you to save money and create a beautiful looking home. 

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