Peezy and Lala features KowKow!

Prince Peezy & Lala Chanel premiers a snippet of new feature with dancehall artist KowKow! KowKow posted the first snippet on Instagram letting his fans know about the new single to come! The three are seen dancing and having fun in the studio while listening to their new song. It seems that we are going to get Peezy & Lala’s first ever Island vibe. The group are no strangers to Trap since that is their primary genre, so to hear something completely different was unexpected. It seems that KowKow and Peezyandlala linked up in Atlanta and created summer vibes for their fans. There has not been an official release as of yet but we know that it may be on the way soon. The fans are already asking if their would be a music video. This is a great look for KowKow to cross over into Peezy & Lala’s Trap world, as well as Peezy & Lala to cross over into KowKow’s dancehall world. The song is titled “WET” and has a catchy hook with KowKow delivering island vibes setting the tone just right. The first verse is Lala singing a sexy flirty tune that responds directly to the chorus, near the end of her verse she switches it up and raps. Peezy is heard on the second verse bringing their Trap culture to the dancehall vibe and making the song even more hype giving it that much needed Hiphop mix to create the ultimate radio vibe! KowKow comes in for the third verse giving the song the complete touches before the chorus comes back.The overall song makes since with all three artists with different vibes merging together to create this big sound. We can expect for this to be a big record for the group as well as Haiti’s own KowKow! The track gives a festival vibe that immediately gets your legs moving and hips swaying. During dark times in today’s world, feel good music is a must. You can check out both artists on Instagram to hear more!

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