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Young talent is always loved and promoted by the audience and the related field’s person. Today, people are more aware and decent about their behaviors, more practices towards their career approach, and very wise in the selection of the platform where they can showcase their talent and abilities.

We can say social media is the key factor that most of the people select and utilize it in the best way. Here we must add many young people who have excellent abilities, they don’t get a chance to show their qualities, but thankfully, Social media help them a lot. We know many celebrities who belong to social media, and today, we are going to discuss the life story of one of the most famous Instagram Influencers, Jade Kevin Foster. Let’s get some interesting facts about his life.


Jade Kevin Foster


19 May





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Social media influencer

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BSN Australia

Life story:

If you are living in Australia, then you must know about this handsome hunk. He belongs to Australia and by professional a model. He is not only a good model but a great human being because he loves to charity. His continuous increasing popularity makes him a brand that can be used to marketing any other product.

If we talk about his charges, he takes around AUD 55,000, and this price is not for a campaign but a sponsored post. You can get the idea of how expensive he is, but the benefits that sponsor companies to get from his appearance priceless so, they never hesitate to pay according to his demand.

Undoubtedly, Jade is one of the wealthiest Instagram influencers and has different pictures with some of the most respected and famous people of the town, like Kim Kardashian. She came down to visit him on her Australian tour.

Jade did many photoshoots and also endorsed many products but recently one of his posts on Instagram, grabbing the people’s attention. In the viral picture, he poses on his $200,000 Lamborghini with his favorite Louis Vuitton Keepall from limited edition worth $8,500. He looks so dashing and knows how to look good in pictures. He is an inspiration for many models, and if you talk about how to handle trolling? He expresses his verdict very clear that he never gives any attention to jealous people. 

Where to find him?

If you want to know more about this celebrity, follow him on his Twitter account @JadeKevinFoster, where he has 95.5K Followers or go to the Instagram account and start to follow him @jadekevinfoster and and become apart of his massive social media family of over 2.8 million people. You can also get some other links from his social media to account for that you can follow and explore new information about Jade.  

So, please don’t waste any time and log in to Instagram and watch the viral post of Instagram star Jade Kevin Foster and see how he lives his luxurious life. 

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