Here’s What to Do If You Are the Victim of a Truck Driver Hit and Run

Were you the victim of a truck driver hit and run?

Unfortunately, this is more common than you might think. On average, 682,000 hit and run accidents happen every year. 

By knowing the right steps to take following the crash, you can avoid major problems down the road. Stick with us and you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to handle a hit and run accident.

Truck Driver Hit and Run? Call 911

If you’re the victim of a truck driver hit and run, the first thing you should do is call 911. Next, you’ll want to assess yourself and your passengers for any injuries. If your car is in a safe place (out of the road), remain in the vehicle until help arrives.

Write Down Details

Once you know you’re safe, start writing down details you remember about the truck that hit yours. What was the color of the vehicle? Did it have any identifiable markings?

Do you remember any of the license plate numbers? Any detail you remember about the truck accident could prove beneficial. Both attorneys and police will be able to use the information you gather to help with your case.

Look for Witnesses

Was there anyone who saw the hit and run take place? Oftentimes when a vehicle crash happens, there are witnesses to the event. However, finding witnesses is a time-sensitive issue since people don’t always stick around for long.

To improve your odds of finding credible witnesses, start looking for them as soon as safely possible. If you do successfully find a witness, you’ll need to get their contact information for the police.

Take Photographs

After looking for witnesses, pull out your phone and start taking photos. Here’s a shortlist of the things you should take photos of:

  • Your vehicle
  • The road your vehicle is on
  • Street signs
  • Any injuries
  • Any vehicle debris (like broken glass)

Start by photographing both sides of your vehicle, and then the front and back. Take close up shots of any damage your vehicle sustained. Finally, stand back and take a far away shot of your vehicle. The far away shot will help demonstrate where your car was on the road.

Call Your Insurance Company

The last thing you want to do is to allow emotions to cloud your ability to give an accurate statement. That’s why it’s best to call your insurance carrier when you’re in a calm state of mind.

When you call your insurance company, you’ll want to be as factual as possible. We find it helps if you have a list in front of you with all of the facts you want to provide.

Hit and Run Deductible

After your claim’s approved, you’ll have to pay a deductible before you receive any compensation. The deductible is a preset amount you agreed on when you began your insurance policy.

Special Endorsements

There are special endorsements for hit and run situations that certain insurance companies offer. These endorsements will allow you to bypass the deductible completely. While there’s no guarantee your insurance company will have hit and run endorsements, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Get Back on the Road

Now you know what to do if you’re involved in a truck driver hit and run. We hope you were able to learn at least one new thing about how to handle this tough situation. For more articles like this one, explore the rest of this site.

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