Harry Solomon: Fashion Icon

OK, this is the last time I’ll be writing about 3rd Rock from the Sun, I promise. I know I have dedicated multiple articles here in the year 2020 to a fairly successful but far from iconic sitcom that stopped airing like 20 years ago. It’s been decades since most people have thought about the Solomon family’s wacky antics in Rutherford, Ohio. Because, you see, they are aliens. Other than John Lithgow racking up Emmys like they were going out of style, and a couple for Kristen Johnson too, 3rd Rock is not, like Frasier or Seinfeld. However, I needed something to watch while physically distancing myself from people. This was the show I was watching. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and now I want to say one more thing. I want to talk about Harry Solomon.

Harry is the wackiest member of this wacky group of aliens. He didn’t even really have a job on the crew. Harry, or the alien in Harry’s body, basically got the gig from nepotism. His role ends up being based on the fact he has a transmitter in his head, which allows the alien’s home planet to contact the Solomons and vice versa. All of the aliens are ignorant of basic human traditions, but they aren’t dumb. Dick is a physics professor, after all. Harry is dumb. He’s the goofiest, laziest, dumbest of the bunch. Mostly he watches TV and also gets an inordinate number of ladies. Well, it’s not that surprising when you consider one thing. Harry Solomon is a fashion icon.

Harry’s closes are supposed to be a joke. He’s an oddball and dumb, so he dresses in a “crazy” fashion. What we have here is sort of a reverse case of what you typical get over time. When you watch a lot of sitcoms from the ‘90s, what was then considered “hip” fashion looks bad. It looked bad then, of course, but at least it was in style. Harry’s outfits are supposed to be ridiculous, but 20 years later I am here to say they are dope as well.

The man knows how to rock an awesome sweater. Throughout the show, he wears a ton of different sweaters. They are garish and bright. Usually they are paired with a colored shirt underneath that is equally bright. Harry has some cool pants in his repertoire as well. Also, he has a bushy fur coat that’s great with bright orange lining. Now, I’m no fur fan, but I am imagined he’s wearing faux fur. The coat is maybe not his best article of clothing, but it’s bold. That I can dig.

I think that’s a bit reason for my fandom of Harry’s fashion choices. He goes for it. He’s not dressed ironically. The dude wears what he thinks is cool. He doesn’t dress to fit in. He embraces color. He also knows how to put together an ensemble. Harry Solomon may be dumb, but the man is a true style icon. I would wear like half his outfits right now. Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out his outfits online. There is literally a Tumblr dedicated to his sweaters. The man is a fit king. Respect must be paid.

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