Free Online Art Classes for Kids to Aid Parents in Homeschooling Efforts

Do you wonder if sending your kids to private art classes is still a good idea during this coronavirus pandemic? Well, you are not alone in this dilemma. Parents are now going online in search of alternatives to enrich their children’s time at home. If they have been going to school physically and their city is a safe place then they should get benefits from a Parent portal to know all the activities of their children in education and other activities. These portals are also helpful if even your child has been studying online at home, so, you can have a look at their scores in studies.

Art is currently one of the top trending searches among parents to support their homeschooling efforts amid the COVID-19 lockdown. While most schools are going on online video platforms to resume lessons with their students, there still remains much to be desired in keeping kids meaningfully engaged at home.

The benefit of learning art extends far and wide beyond early childhood. Even teenagers and adults may find art a therapeutic and enjoyable process. That said, many fun home-based activities for kids are often art based as these materials can be more easily found within the household.

Children of every age can benefit from the creative thinking and sensory practice aspects in creating art. Art also encourages unstructured play that boosts your child’s self esteem and confidence. While formal painting classes may introduce a plethora of painting tools like different paint mediums, brushes, and canvases, the focus is in giving kids an opportunity to let their imaginations run wild. Research has also found that drawing classes can improve visual spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and fine motor control that aid in writing and concentration.

To cater to the surge in demand for online learning options for kids, Kawaii Art Tribe has launched a free service allowing parents to connect with local art teachers in their region. This creates continuity in their kids learning as parents have the option to convert their virtual video-based art classes into in-person classes as the viral situation improves. The platform also gives art teachers hit by the pandemic an opportunity to reach out to new students online. The art course options offered includes drawing, painting, sculpting, digital art for children, just to name a few.

In an effort to encourage homeschooling efforts, Kawaii Art Tribe also provides free weekly art classes for kids online to give parents unique ideas to enhance their children’s learning at home. These free online art classes are made available on demand via their website. Parents are given the option to subscribe for a free membership to gain access to even more of their art resources. Another advantage of having art classes conducted from the comfort and safety of home is that it makes a great bonding activity for the whole family. Parents working from home can now enjoy being involved with their children through art. When parents are more engaged with their kids, children tend to be more confident in expressing themselves and are more willing to push themselves to try more challenging tasks.

Art for kids is not just limited to its educational value. It is a way to travel without leaving the home. Art is such a versatile medium and method for parents to allow their kids to experience culture and express themselves in a different way. By drawing, painting or crafting a design inspired by cultural festivals celebrated in a different part of the world, parents give their kids the ability to appreciate diversity and learn about other cultures beyond their own.

Art is a calming activity that can help active kids direct their energies in more constructive ways. This makes virtual art classes for kids a great alternative to holiday camps, children’s birthday parties or a simple family bonding activity to be shared over the weekend. With a professional art educator to support parent-led art pursuits at home, parents and kids can now appreciate the joy of art and discover new passions without the fuss of planning the activities on their own. Attending online art classes also gives kids and parents a sense of connectedness with the wider community as the world adjusts to a new normal.

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