5 of the Best Dental Podcasts You Can Listen to Today

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you’ve surely noticed the rising popularity of podcasts. Packed full of information, typically free, and easy to listen to, and available in just about any topic imaginable, they are an ideal way to spend a little of your free time. But what about if you’re looking for something covering dentistry? Don’t worry – there’s a podcast for that, too. Not all podcasts are created equal, though, so we’ve done the hard part to help pick apart the gems that will both entertain and educate all at once. Here are 5 of the best dental podcasts you can (and should!) listen to today.

1. Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast

Unlike many out there, the Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast shifts the conversation mostly to the business side, primarily focusing on the behind-the-scenes stuff that determines whether a practice sinks or swims. Whether you’re starting from square one or just need a little pick me up, hosts Peter and Craig will help you with the marketing know-how, financial strategies, leadership skills, and general management tips that will create a thriving dental practice.

Want a little more guidance? Bulletproof Dental Practice also has a yearly Bulletproof Summit to get you the education and skills you need to succeed. A hygiene component called “Bulletproof Hygiene” will also be released soon to cover all your dental information needs.

2. The ALL-IN Podcast

Despite being hosted by two non-dentists, the ALL-IN podcast is still one of the best around because it gives a fresh, zoomed-out view of the dental industry at large while also feeling free to discuss sillier topics like wrestling and the infamous Tiger King. Make no mistake, The ALL-IN Podcast is still a serious source of information. Thanks to Blake McClellan’s and Shane McElroy’s unique perspective and their habit of inviting on industry-leading professionals, you’ll be educated on wide range of topics that can improve your dentistry skills, your business practice, and your marketing.

3. A Tale of Two Hygienists

A Tale of Two Hygienists claims to be the best dental podcast. Whether it is or it isn’t rests on your shoulders, we can still verify that it’s still incredibly high up the list. Led by two practicing hygienists, Andrew and Michelle, they specifically deliver up to date information on best practices, pain management, and new techniques – all of which will help you become the best dentist you can be.

4. Dentistry Uncensored

While some dentistry podcasts out there have been cut a little short, Dentistry Uncensored has a shocking number of episodes under its belt. Currently at more than 1400 episodes and touching on everything from infection control to marketing tactics, Howard Farran’s long running series is packed with information that will help dentists work better, faster, and more cost efficiently.

5. Life and Dentistry Podcast

Critically underrated, the Life and Dentistry Podcast is perfect for all dental newbies and maybe also for the veterans who’ve forgotten their roots along the way. Hosted weekly by recent graduates from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, the hosts share their experiences of transitioning into the professional dentist world and provide some much-needed advice and perspective for those who are going through the same. It’s genuine, real, and a must-follow. 

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