Which Business phone solution a company should choose?

In the area of ​​outbound telephony from telemarketing and telesales, there are different business models that require different processes. The requirements in the area B-2-C (business-to-consumer) are different than in the area B-2-B (business-to-business). In this respect, there is not one dialer for all possibilities. However, the effectiveness and a desired high utilization should not lead to a burden on the customer relationship. What dialer technologies are there?

Preview dialer

The selection is only made after viewing the customer contact and its history. This is often the case with complex tasks or with existing customers. However, the preferred application is B-2-B.

Auto dialer

The selection takes place simultaneously and automatically when the contact is shown to the agent. While the agent is waiting for acceptance by the customer, he can briefly deal with the customer’s history. The Auto Dialer is the ideal instrument in the “B-2-B” area for high call volumes and for end customers “B-2-C” with whom a business relationship already exists.

Power dialer

The selection is identical to the auto dialer. However, with fixed over dial rates. The agent answers the first call – all other calls are discarded. Depending on the over dial quota (2, 3, 4 times), there are inevitably dropped calls. According to the requirements of the DDV and CCV code of honor, this procedure is controversial and is not supported by omnichannel dialer.

Predictive dialer

The contacts are selected automatically and with foresight, usually associated with over dialing. We are talking about the supreme discipline of dialing. Sophisticated algorithms independently change the over dial quotas in order to achieve optimal utilization taking into account a minimum lost call quota.

This ensures optimal agent utilization. This technique is particularly suitable for initial contact in the “B2C” area. Dialing specifications is according to DDV / CCV

You can also consult Nola Automation for this purpose. The aim of their work is automation, quality assurance, and process optimization for their customers. Robot-based automation and surface inspection systems from free Auto dialers ensure that your production processes are cost-efficient – with high technical availability.

These free auto dialers are one of the best software auto dialers as a business phone solution especially for debt collections. These automatic dialers can make the company and its employees to save time along with creating more revenue or sales for the company. So it is one of the best solution to come across for a call center service.

Other Advantages

  • Integrated front-end solutions
  • For use under Windows or web-based
  • Multichannel
  • Integrated support for telephony, email, fax, video, and chat
  • Media blending
  • Parallel or competing processing of emails and phone calls
  • Call blending
  • Competing processing of inbound and outbound calls
  • Voice Monitoring and Voice Logging
  • Listening and recording conversations
  • Detection of answering machines and fax machines
  • Upstream announcements / IVR possible
  • Various parameter settings
  • Not reached / busy ( Answering machine)
  • Extensive monitoring of dialer activities
  • Telephone system independence
  • Open to all common databases

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