Question Of The Week: The Movie You’ve Been Putting Off Seeing Forever

There are movies that we want to see immediately. Like, the day they come out in theaters (or hit Netflix) you want to be there. Some movies you definitely are looking forward to but maybe you’ll want to rent it at home or for it to show up on a streaming service. Then there are the movies that you think, “Yeah, I should see that” but then it doesn’t happen. For a while. You have it on your to-do list, or in your queue, and it just stays there. Then, eventually, you realize you’ve been meaning to see a movie for years and you finally pull the plug. After that, you wonder why you waited so long, especially because the movie tends to be fine, but nothing special. You could have knocked it out some randomly afternoon months earlier. That’s the question for this week: What movie did it take you forever to finally see?

I’m asking this because I checked a movie off my list recently. I finally saw Tank Girl. Yes, the 1995 sci-fi comedy based on a largely unknown British comic book. It was a flop, but it has a cult status now. This is the movie that I had been thinking of seeing for literally years now. Probably at least 15 years or so. Yeah, I know that’s weird, but that’s the nature of the beast.

While I like a lot of cult stuff and I thought there was potential to Tank Girl, nothing really drove me to see it. I like Lori Petty as an actress, but she’s not a big star. Honestly, I just liked the idea of a movie called Tank Girl. It seemed to have punk sensibilities, which appeals to me. And yet, I never pulled the trigger. Back in the days before streaming, when Netflix was a DVD company, it never made it to the top of my queue. Then I had to wait for it to start streaming. However, it’s been on Amazon Prime for a while. Still, I didn’t get around to watching Tank Girl.

Maybe it’s the fact it had middling reviews. Maybe other stuff came up. Of course, then the pandemic hit. I’ve been scrambling for stuff to watch. So, finally, I was able to watch Tank Girl. As expected, it wasn’t life changing. It was fine. I like Tank Girl. It is indeed a very punk movie. It’s silly, but in a good way. A lot of it is fun. On the other hand, it barely holds together at times. Apparently a lot of stuff wasn’t shot so they had to animate in scenes from the comics. There are mutated kangaroo men that look weird as hell. You definitely don’t need to see Tank Girl, but if you have certainly sensibilities you’ll enjoy it. I did. Even though I had been putting it on the backburner for over a decade. Now, it’s off the to-do list. Time to find the next movie I’ve been waiting so long to see.

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