Picking And Choosing The Best Of Game Shows

Because of the ubiquity of BUZZR, the TV channel dedicated to old game shows, I find myself checking in on it here and there. Oftentimes, it feels like Supermarket Sweep is on. That gets my attention, but I have increasingly realized something. I’m only interested in the part where they actually do the sweep. When they are answering questions to get time added to their sweep it’s not really that fun. I don’t care about products or what they cost in the ‘90s. The sweep is what is awesome. If I know Supermarket Sweep is on, I will look at what time it is and see if it might be time for the sweep to start. If it’s on, and I’m not watching anything else that’s pressing, I stick around for the sweep.

This got me thinking about other game shows like this. I’m a fan of many game shows, but some of them have only one or two parts of an episode I like. Or maybe I enjoy most of it, but not one segment. Some games are basically perfect from top to bottom, like Match Game and Jeopardy!. Even games I don’t like as much, like Password, still have a format I wouldn’t really change. This is dedicated to the games that have segments I did but don’t care about entirely, though.

Obviously, Supermarket Sweep is at the top of that list. Right up there with it is The Price is Right. I only care about the games. Not the wheel, not the Showcase Showdown, just the games the contestants play for prizes. Similarly, on Double Dare I only want to see the obstacle course. Also, when I was a kid I used to mute the TV and look away from the screen so the levels in the obstacle course wouldn’t be spoiled for me. I have to do the same thing when watching old shows like The Rockford Files that inexplicably have a spoiler-filled preview of the episode I’M JUST ABOUT TO WATCH at the beginning of the episode. That’s for another day, though.

In short, I should check out YouTube to see if there are any sweep supercuts for me to watch. Otherwise, I’ll keep flipping over to Supermarket Sweep when it’s on BUZZR, hoping to catch the start of a sweep. Let me see that cheese being piled into a cart!

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