Why Choose Dedicated Server Over Cloud Hosting(Top 7 Reasons)

            There are different tiers of server hosting services available out there. Depending upon the respective protocols, a dedicated server in USA is the best of the lot. However, there is no clear cut way to determine which server hosting type is better than the other as each of these types caters to different needs. Shared servers are cheap and hence easy to use for small organizations, entrepreneurs, and even students who are on a tight budget, dedicated servers are expensive but come with high-end security features making it the most appreciable choice for websites dealing with personal details of its users. Each of these server hosting plans is crafted to meet the idiosyncrasies of different types of websites.

            Of these choices, a dedicated server is one wherein the server system is dedicated for your use only. All kinds of dedicated server plans are such that you get full ownership of all the accompanying hardware elements. You can upgrade and modify such hardware as you like. Another kind of server hosting has emerged over the recent years- Cloud hosting! In this case, the hardware system, as well as the software applications, exist over the cloud. It is a clever mix between a dedicated server and a shared server. While the users are sharing a basic hardware system, they have their individual and private hosting environment over the cloud muck like a dedicated server. Between dedicated and cloud server options, a dedicated server is always better. Here are some of the many advantages that you get when you are using a dedicated server over a cloud server.

7 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Server over Cloud Hosting

  • Performance

A cloud server is itslef based on the internet. Moreover, it is a shared network of sorts. Thus it features a lot of problems when the performance is considered. Also, the performance of a cloud server can never be at par with the degree of performance you can expect from the most basic dedicated server plans. Since the basic resources of hardware are shared among users in a cloud server hosting plan, the basic bandwidth and storage are divided. Thus you can never reach peak performance with such a kind of server. With a configured dedicated server curated to meet your needs, this situation will never arise as all the resources are yours alone.

  • Scalability

Dedicated servers are highly scalable compared to a cloud server. It is true that with a cloud server you can upgrade or downgrade depending on your need of the hour, you are, however, limited by the constraints of the existing hardware. You have no control over the hardware elements and thus you cannot overcome anything feature related to the hardware. With a dedicated server, since you have the hardware in your possession, you can easily add another slot of RAM, or easily upgrade the storage your device is capable of and meet all your requirements from time to time.

  • Flexibility

Loud servers are not at all as flexible as a dedicated server. While you own the whole set in a dedicated server you own only a small part of the set in a cloud server. This is directly reflected in the degree of access you will have on various software and hardware parts. You only have restricted access to the software and no access at all to the hardware of a cloud server. With dedicated server hosting, you even have root-level access allowing you to modify everything from the OS to the hardware with all the ease in the world.

  • Security

Dedicated server in USA from Serverwala is the most secure option of all the servers hosting plans available out there. Firstly, since you are the only one accessing the resources, a dedicated server acts as an island cut off from anything else. There is no chance of an attack due to some malicious activities of other users which is highly probable in shared server hosting plans such as the cloud server. You can also bring about all kinds of changes, modifications, and upgrades to the software in a dedicated server because of your unrestricted access which is not possible with the restricted access in a cloud server.

  • Redundancy

It is often believed that the cloud is much more redundant than a dedicated server. However, this cannot be any farther from the truth. In very specific cases, this idea may be true, but in most cases, it is not. No matter what the situation, a single node unit available in a cloud can in no way be more reliable than the entire dedicated server. In simpler terms, if anything were to happen to this node, if it were to fail, it will take with it your complete workload. However, it will not affect the storage. In terms of a dedicated server, this is similar to the failure of the CPU, the RAM, and the power supply together.

  • Complexity

If you are trying to keep the issue of redundancy in a cloud server at bay, you have to come up with a high degree of complexity. Complexity in any kind of environment makes it difficult to handle the said environment. Thus, a cloud server which has a more complex interface will be much more difficult to handle compared to a dedicated server unit. This issue of complexity does not bode well as it makes handling the server all the more difficult.

  • Transparency

Transparency is an inbuilt issue with all kinds of shared server hosting providers. This issue cannot be averted either because of the many users available in a shared hosting environment. Everybody is tapping into the same resources from time to time and this makes way for improper distribution of resources. Simply put, you may be robbed of or deprived of resources when you need it the most with a cloud hosting server. In a dedicated server, since there is no second party attached to your resources, there is no chance of you being deprived of the resources. You have to freedom to use it in any way you seem fit from time to time.

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