Interview: Dydmos

If you weren’t an artist what would you be doing right now?

Stonework, woodwork, some kind of craftsmanship that’s hands-on. I love painting, but I’m righteously terrible at art except layered graphics on photoshop like all of us Gen-Z’s.

Which artist would you like to collab with if budget wasn’t involved?

I feel like even one studio session with Jay-Z would change my life overnight.

What do you feel is the best song/video you’ve ever released and why?

Illusions” is my best concept track so far. It doesn’t have a video, but it was outside my usual comfort zone lyrically and aurally. But it turned out really beautiful with a lot of sonic “happy mistakes” as Bob Ross would say. 
Boiling Point” doesn’t have a music video either (yet) but it’s a straight banger, not going to lie.

How did you get involved in music?

I’ve always wanted to do music since I got my first Walkman CD player. But it was going to my local boys and girls club for their open mic nights, when I moved to Alberta that really solidified the dream. 

Do you think you’re at your prime in your career?

Not in the slightest. It only goes up. 

If you had one message to tell your supporters, what would it be?
Don’t allow the narrative in your head to dictate your actions. I say, narrative, not narrator. Because sometimes, it feels like nobody is home.  And life happens to us, rather than us being in It. These are the moments when we excuse the worst parts of ourselves, and make it the fault of others. I hope that makes some sense. What is, is, and the truth can hurt.  But it can liberate you from the dream, and set you on a blazing path to freedom. Your value and your limitations are capped when you decide they are. The Human Being is Beautiful.

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