Interview: Blueface88

What makes you different as an artist?

My smooth flow, delivery and unique sound.

What message do you try to portray?

That everyone can make it out of the struggle if you grind for it.

What are your goals moving forward as an artist?

Goal is to get the whole world to know who Blueface88 is! And push other artists to further their rap career.

How did you make a name for yourself in your industry?

I kept dropping song after song, album after album, and music video after video. I also did a segment on Instagram called 30 days 30 lays which was a 60 sec rap video and different outfit for 30 days straight then I turned around and did the sequel. I stay consistent.

How long have you been doing music? 

 3 years 

What do you have coming up?

New single “LLNYY” just came out May 7th and the “For The Ladies” album is coming in June.

What is your best song/album and why?

“Bae Bae” is my best song because it made it with BET Jams and it also had the most views on my YouTube channel.

What keeps you motivated?

The love of doing music and my kids keep me motivated.

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