Inspiring Rapper And Multi-Instrumentalist Hipster Conspiracy Drops Debut Album Dysphoria

Rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Hipster Conspiracy just released her debut album titled Dysphoria, home to a sophisticated collection of 11 songs. The young and talented artist is proving her versatility in a new light on Dysphoria, fusing elements of jazz, rock, electro, and Hip-Hop, to come up with a sound that stems from her deepest core. Sel-produced and mixed, the album was created over the course of four years, and represents her struggle with substance abuse, mental health issues, and what was her main obstacle as a young adult; accepting her transgender identity. Her message is beautiful, since she found music could be the most powerful therapeutic remedy for her to transform her pain and heavy past into an inspirational strength, and the most efficient way she found to overcome depression and anxiety in her life. 

What is even more inspiring is that she wants to share her story so that others can benefit from it, especially those who are isolated, feel alone, and lack the necessary support system to overcome such issues. 

Her unfiltered music tells her story with raw and intuitive lyricality, without ever trying to embellish it in any way, and sonically, the multi-instrumentalist displays incredibly musicianship by using each instrument as a different element capable of expressing the whole spectrum of emotions, while she explores the merging of the far-apart genres of rock, hip-hop, jazz, and EDM. 

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