Goodnet: A Gateway To Doing Good

Goodnet was founded in 2011 by Shari Arison and has been connecting people around the world with opportunities for doing good ever since. Whether it is volunteering, charity work, micro-funding, or mindful living, this network empowers people to independently take more positive action to amplify goodness around the globe.

The Philosophy Of Goodnet

Goodnet and its founder believe that doing good is simply a state of mind that can accompany every action and shine through every thought throughout the day. Even something as small as smiling at someone can have a profound effect and can make a significant difference in the life of another person.

Activating Goodness With Goodnet

To use Goodnet as a gateway to doing good, the good must be activated first. So how is that done? It is accomplished by:

  • Sharing stories
  • Sending out a weekly newsletter
  • Showcasing different organizations, websites, apps, and services designed to create good in a community
  • Sharing uplifting videos and good news
  • Providing inspiration for others to follow suit and do good

Doing Good

Opportunities for doing good are plentiful in our communities. You can do good for anyone, including your family, friends, and strangers. For example, a bakery decides to make graduation treats for over 1,000 students in their community. They know how hard it is to graduate during a pandemic and recognize the need to celebrate the students’ accomplishments in some way.

You can also help the planet while living a more sustainable lifestyle. It is said that solar and wind power will soon be cheaper than coal, and this can make a difference because renewable electrical engineering plants are less expensive to build and operate.

Good can be done through science and technology as well. For example, devices are being designed to help visually impaired people see and read letters. It is one step closer toward creating a visual prosthetic that can prove to be valuable to those in our community.

Inspiring Others

Goodnet, a gateway to doing good, can also be used to inspire others. To do so, you need to believe in yourself as well as the good of others. When talking about ambitions, speak with great passion, optimism, and enthusiasm, and you can inspire others to follow suit.

Goodnet is a space for everyone who wants to do good and promote positive change in their own life and their community. Whether you have a large organization or startup, or you are an individual who wants to do good and motivate others, Goodnet will allow you to accomplish your goals. It is a platform for you to be seen and heard while creating awareness for the causes you are most passionate about.

Goodnet offers content collaboration, media space and newsletter exchange, social media exchange, and a directory to get you in touch with handpicked organizations. If you are looking for ways to help, don’t hesitate to send a message and get in touch with others who can help you do good.

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