Complete Guide of Linux Reseller Hosting

Behind every amazing site that we click on or interact with, there’s a host who provides the tools, the room and the bandwidth to keep it working in a pocket friendly and smooth manner.

Web hosting has really changed the way sites work — and this is particularly true of Linux Reseller Hosting india , which has allotted their share of precious online space to other multiple sites.

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about Reseller hosting — particularly in regards to Linux. But first, let us understand the Fundamental concepts:

What is Reseller Hosting?

Let’s take a scenario where you have purchased web hosting services from a parent web hosting firm. Now,  you may feel like renting these resources to the other interested parties and other end users. This is known as Reseller Hosting, where you resell the leased-out resources like bandwidth, RAM, disk space, CPU and make a good profit.

This will make you the host and you will be responsible to host third-party websites in the space allocated. This system might look complicated, but, it is very simple.Good web hosts already configure the software with the reseller packages which makes the task easier.

For example, CPanel and WHM are already setup in InMotion; reseller only needs to create new accounts for each new client.

After this, you just have to register the new account and selecting the required bandwidth or disk space for the clients and they are good to go.

How to Start a Business on Reseller Hosting

Establishing a Reseller Hosting company is very valuable — a physical host can host multiple reseller accounts. You’ll need to cover initial costs while preparing a company, but after getting started your company will continue growing and you may make a wholesome profit from it. Thus, let us get started.

First and foremost, pick and choose the platform you want to use on the web server. You’ll have to dive into the customer’s mind to decide which features they want. When the cost has been calculated, you can buy a hosting package that suits your budget and at the same time meets the needs of the customers you wish to attract. First, build a website that markets your reseller hosting business (be sure to spend time and money on that move. After all, the website is your company’s face).

Prices of the services must be determined beforehand. Clients should be signed up after this only. The prices must be based on a comparative study of the competitors in the market. You can offer two things- either the lower prices (lower than your competitors) or, offer more features to the clients. You can even create plans if the requirements of the clients vary. You can always offer basic, standard or premium packages to the clients.

If you have a collection of customers, distribute the kit to them, according to their needs. Establish a payment plan, and ensure that your customers adhere to it.

Making sure you provide steady customer support is a great way to ensure customer loyalty. This will let your customer know more than just monthly payments are your business. It will ensure long-term relationships with them by providing them with the resources they need, which will only help your business expand.

Benefits of Linux Reseller Hosting

Web designers , developers, and online marketers are increasingly using Linux reseller hosting as it can provide maximum performance and speed. In addition, the Linux OS is compatible with many applications such as MySQL and PHP.

The use of best Linux reseller hosting software and hardware is more dependable and of superior quality than other types of hosting. A strong web hosting company such as Wisesolution provides extra services such as free domain names, unrestricted bandwidth and Linux reseller bundled websites. Following are the advantages you’ll reap from choosing Linux Reseller Hosting:

1.    Cost effective:

Rather than purchasing a dedicated server, a hosting package for the linux reseller offers you the option of identical functionality at an incredibly low price. You’ve met many brilliant entrepreneurs with creative business ideas but they can’t make their dreams come true because of lack of resources.

Setting up your unlimited Linux reseller hosting business on the web saves your idea from getting into a dustbin. You don’t need large amounts of capital and operating costs because, unlike Windows and others, this is an open source OS.

2.    Income Generation:

You can make money by reselling that space on your website if you find that all of your reseller space is not getting used up.

3.    No Maintenance:

You do not have to worry about complicated server issues if anything goes wrong. Leveraging an efficient technical support department offered by a reseller hosting package is always helpful.

4.    More Secure:

Going online means you put yourself in danger of breaching security. To steal sensitive personal and financial information, target larger organisations and just for fun, hackers target websites. You need to learn all the possible risks, and how to avoid them from your web hosting company.

You can sleep soundly with Linux reseller packages, as these are the most reliable and stable on the market. Additionally if your company uses scripting language such as PHP then Linux is the perfect operating system.

5.    Compatible with Apps:

Cost-effectiveness leads to the next advantage: you can access compatible software without thinking about the cost. You can use different applications, such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla and use them to create blogs, forums and websites for ecommerce. The main feature of these CMS is that you can handle content on the website without any specialized technological know-how.

6.    Economies of Scale:

If you are registered with Wisesolution as a windows or linux reseller, it will allow you to buy server space and bandwidth in bulk. This will reduce the cost of starting your business and the prices you’ll be offering to your customers.

7.    Add Value to Your Business:

Getting a reseller hosting package from a web hosting company such as Wisesolution will give you enough time to maintain the business. As we will provide you with administration, maintenance, upgrading of software / hardware and other related hosting functions.

Just devise a marketing strategy for promoting your business. On advertising your hosting activities, you can channel the costs saved from the administration and maintenance.


Cheap Linux reseller hosting plans are a great way to make profits while utilising the resources at the same time. Linux being the most popular is the most preferred reseller hosting amongst people.

Anybody can be a linux reseller host provided he has the finance to buy the resources for rehosting.

Reseller hosting provides the hosting at a cheaper price to the end users without a compromise on the quality of services and resources that they receive. The benefits for reseller hosting are many as discussed above.

Thus, if one wants to earn easy money, go for reseller hosting. It is sure to give you the best of the expectations.

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