CD REVIEW: Babylon Music by Electric E

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Electric E isn’t just a talented EDM singer/songwriter and musician. He’s a published author with four poetry and prose to his credit, but music is where he’s made his biggest impact so far. Electric E is someone able to apply himself to multiple instruments with equal aplomb, but stakes everything on his singing voice. It’s a safe bet. Even a single listen to his eleven song releases  Babylon Music and  3 Sides to Every Story reveal him to be a more than capable singer whose voice can inhabit any sonic environment with equal parts conviction and musicality. His influences span a wide gamut and, despite the EDM inclinations of his music, you can hear them manifest in his voice.  Babylon Music and  3 Sides to Every Story are two of the more interesting releases to land in some time and Electric E’s potential seems boundless. 

Babylon Music begins with its title song. Electric E is far from a strict electronica songwriter and musician; he supercharges his songwriting with a variety of textures. Even a cursory listen to his work reveals a broad range of influences. The percussion pushing this song towards its inevitable conclusion gives it much of its energy and its interplay with the track’s bass playing gives it an intense rhythmic base. “Next Big Thing” ranks among the most forceful tracks on this release. Electric E unleashes a full-throated vocal that brings its lyrics to life. It shows off the strong rock streak running through his musical pedigree and sounds quite convincing. 

“How Do You Think I Feel?” has another memorable Electric E vocal. He doesn’t have a traditionally pleasing singing voice, but it has enough dramatic strength and lungpower to benefit his material. This track boasts, arguably, the album’s strongest chorus and its near hypnotic repetition are difficult to shake. The album’s penultimate cut “The Rearrangement (Switch It Up Pt. 2) – Interplanetary Bliss” runs over six minutes in length and captures Electric E’s talent for writing instrumentals in full flight. The track switches tempos and textures often, but his writing handles the transitions with an adroit hand.


3 Sides to Every Story opens with an instrumental. “Nitroglycerin Kamikaze” is one of the album’s best recordings and one of the better instrumentalists you are likely to hear from any artist in the last decade. Another powerful instrumental cut on the release is “Hidden Meanings” – the sheer variety behind it all is staggering. Despite the abundant shifts in feel and pacing, the track holds together from beginning to end. 

“3 Sides to Every Story” doesn’t undergo the same amount of transformations, but its obvious Electric E has a restless muse. Listeners are fortunate he is willing to follow her wherever she goes. This is a straight electronic number with a restrained line of attack for the most part, but he makes the most of the composition’s peaks when they come. “Bring Yourself to Life” is another fine instrumental performance, electronic in nature, and achieves a near ethereal sound despite the presence of synthesizers and other similar instruments. Both albums sparkle with unique imagination that makes Electric E stand out as one of the more individual performers working today. 

by Jordan Raab

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