7 Great Brain Training Apps

Humans today are spending an extraordinary amount of time online. However, research suggests that this might not be doing our brains any good. Too much time spent staring at a screen isn’t good for anyone, but what if we could maximize that time by using brain training apps to improve cognition? To counteract clip thinking, which occurs with regular use of social media and other websites, using apps can improve memory as well. 


Over 95 million people use the Lumosity app, making it one of the most popular in the world. Use the app to complete a variety of 5-minute tasks to test different skills. Not only are the tests beneficial, but the app is fun to use. The app is free and includes speed, memory, word, and math games that you can play over and over again. Once you complete a game, you’ll see how you compare to others so you can identify strengths and weaknesses. 


If you’re looking for a wide selection of game types, Cognifit is the app for you. Choose between games that support visual short term memory, planning, shifting, working memory, divided attention, and more. Games are broken down into categories that include memory, perception, reasoning, coordination, and attention. All games have been tested at both the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the University of Washington. The Fuel a Car game focuses on divided attention, which is ideal for multitaskers, whether they’re jobs they’re working on alone or are passing to essayservice.com


If you look at the ratings in the Google Play store and the Apple store, you’ll see that Peak is one of the high ranking brain training apps out there. It was developed at Yale University and the University of Cambridge and covered a wide range of topics, including mental agility, language, attention, and creativity. Turtle Traffic is one of the most popular games on the app, and to play, you must get your turtle through the water to collect the jellyfish along the way. You can interact with friends on the app and take advantage of a personal online coach to help you choose the right games for your needs. 

GEIST (Memorado): Brain and Mind

With more than 720 levels on 24 mind games, this app challenges a variety of cognitive aspects, including memory, logic, concentration, and many others. The games are each designed by brain training scientists, making this one of the most effective apps in the genre. Use the games to boost memory, critical thinking, and cognitive development. Statistics show that 76 percent of GEIST users show dramatic improvements in their brain skills. 


The Elevate app holds the 2014 title of the best iPhone app, though it’s still just as useful now as it was then. This app is geared specifically for adults, so the focus is on the content, rather than the graphics. Each task gives you a clear picture of what you can gain from using it, such as “improve your reading skills.” There are five categories of tasks to choose from, and they include speaking, reading, math, writing, and listening. You can play three games per day on the usual version and five games per day on the pro version. This is similar to other games in the genre, so you’ll need to decide which level best suits your needs. 

Fit Brains

Known for its online language courses, Fit Brains comes is a fairly new app that boasts over 500 training programs, each created by neuroscientists. It’s designed to improve memory, thinking speed, and concentration. Unlike other brain training apps, it also focuses on emotional intelligence, so you can also find games to boost your social skills. There’s also a special list of games for enhancing the cognitive function of school-aged children.


The Eidetic app specializes in improving memory, so the developers focused on games that utilize the spaced repetition technique. This involves memorizing numbers in small groups, rather than long strings of them all at the same time. Using the tests on this app can help you learn to memorize phone numbers, credit card numbers, words, names, and much more. The app notifies you when it’s time to try and remember and then gives you a test that corresponds. This helps cement important facts into your long term memory. You can enjoy the tests and three intensity levels – cram (1 day), normal (2 weeks), or casual (1 month), giving you plenty of options. Remembering something short can usually be done with the cram level, while remembering something longer, such as a speech, will likely need to be done using the causal level. 

Using this list of braining training apps will significantly improve many aspects of your cognitive function, so there’s no better time than the present to get started. 

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