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A postmodern review about straight no chaser

I was questioned by my friends that why I’m going to a doubleheader concert, including an acapella group and another I was not even sure about their genre. Well, we listened to my toe-tapping covers at the concert. The night went on, but a sudden rain pause it immediately. After a half an hour, the show started again. Now this time, straight facts no chaser podcast appeared on the stage and I and my friend don’t know anything about this podcast and the group. We were excited about the acapella group but, to be honest, we enjoyed more with this group, straight no chaser. The energy they had was wonderful. On the other hand, watching them on stage was another story. When the music start, the stage presence of the group was amazing, this makes the show more enjoyable. Straight no chaser is one of the most.

They presented a wonderful mix of songs, keeping their audience interested in all the age groups. The vocalists were the amazing blend of comedians and musicians. One can hardly recognize if they like them as comedians they like their music. They presented the medley along with the jokes about Bible belt. The members of the group made the night more entertaining and joyful. 

Straight no chaser in the Iowa City

Hancher mix Friday night had a wonderful chaser from straight no chaser. The group of nine vocalists added to the holiday favorites after shaking up the tone of Cappella harmonies. The mash-ups from the vocals were the popular ensembles. Straight no chaser formed in 1996, they rose out from Indiana University, in 2007 in a viral session 2007. This leads them to start the journey professionally and the group started the concerts far and wide. 

The best about straight no chaser

The day when tickets were on sale, the people from multiple generations, got the Hancher show. They got a huge clap, cheering and standing ovations. The vocalists were charismatic and funny at the same time. They have sung for two hours, without any instrumental accomplishment, and that was a bit difficult. 

Their voices were full of percussion sounds, and they need no background sound or filler because they couldn’t afford it. They also ask people to post videos and pictures on social media and save their money.

 Every song they represented becomes the highlight, and just a clue to highlight them. The few standing movements, during the show, were: 

  • “One Love,” along with the mournful “Over the Rainbow” was full of amusement. 
  • “Twisting the Night Away,” placing them to a new level
  • “Hi-De-Ho,” With jazzing up the vocals
  • “Just a Gigolo”
  • On “crazy in Love/single Ladies” they tried the choreography of Beyonce 
  • The choreography turned more kicky on the song “The Christmas Can-Can”
  • “Do You Hear What I Hear?” with thrilling harmonies
  • “Mr. Grinch”; in low rumbling way 

 In the end, they shot a video of audience waving and cheering to send it to families and patients at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The performers, at the end, told the fun facts about them. Every guy of the group thanked the audience at the end. 

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