How to write a cover letter?

Even if the cover letter is not particularly popular with applicants, its importance should not be underestimated. Yes, such a cover letter does work. And writing long texts isn’t for everyone either. But it is also an enormous opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Or justify his motivation. This is especially true for young professionals, who’s CVs usually hardly differ. In this guide, we show you how to present your soft skills, experience, qualifications, and skills in a convincing and clear manner on one page. Nowadays, this task could get done from Resume and cover letter writers.

We focus on the main elements. The core of a cover letter always consists of these four parts:


This is about arousing interest. Ideally, your cover letter starts with a bang, your motivation (for this job), your strongest argument, and an original sentence.

Let it flow briefly and subtly that you have done your homework and have intensively dealt with the company, its products, and its culture. For example, by quoting a few current figures or responding to a recent CEO interview or the latest product. But really only briefly: You do not have more than three to four lines for this.

Under no circumstances should you start with: “I hereby apply for your position as …” – too worn and boring. Works a much better introductory sentence a mixture of self-confidence and convincing arguments. For example like this:

I want to strengthen your excellent team and make them a little more excellent. “Therefore I would like to give you three reasons right away, why you will benefit from me as a new employee”

Main part

It is used for self-marketing and the presentation of your social skills (the so-called soft skills).

Here the applicant makes it clear what strengths, experiences he or she has. It is important that you do not list everything that you can do, but rather choose what suits the job you are applying for. Focus solely on the competencies – those that make you the ideal candidate. Not mass, but class counts!

Business relation

Here a connection to the employer is established and the unique added value that your competencies create on the position is justified. It’s about making a connection between your career and the job you’re aiming for. You could also say: you are spinning a thread here so that your career step looks like a natural development that must flow into this company.

Of course, you can also weave this part with the second one or even get it started. The order of these first three points is not fixed.

Final part

In the end and in the so-called final sentence, you can thank you for your interest. If required, name your salary expectations or the earliest possible starting date.

Make sure that you are just out for a job interview pleased. But please NEVER in the subjunctive (looks small), but also happy again confidently:

“I would be happy to convince you in a personal conversation that with me you will gain a committed and experienced employee.”

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