How To Transport A Mattress

The thought of moving from one location to another can lead to plenty of overwhelming feelings, such as what’s the new place going to be like? How will I move my things? And most importantly, How will I transport my bed and mattress?

It is easy to transfer the bed, but it will be tricky to transport a mattress. Luckily, you’re not at a dead end because there are plenty of useful ways to carry a bed mattress.

Furthermore, we all know how hectic and nerve-wracking it is to move. An ideal way to move your stuff is to hire a moving crew to transfer your valuables to your new location in a moving truck or van.

When it comes to moving your mattress, you can opt to either tie your bed mattress to the top of your car or forcefully put it in the truck. Unfortunately, these methods can often ruin the quality of your mattress.

So if you are moving to a new place but have no idea how to transport your mattress, we got you covered. Take a look at this comprehensive and useful guide to moving a bed mattress into your new place

Things You Will Need

Thanks to the new cleaning agents and accessories, you can find several useful items to keep your mattress protected and clean regardless of how you choose to transport. In contrast to this, the ideal way of moving your valuable furniture is by a moving van or truck.

But, if you have a car or a car, you can move your valuables with little help. Here are some of the important things you will need while transporting a mattress to your new place.

A Mattress Bag

Mattress bags are valuable items that do not cost a fortune. Additionally, they can secure your mattress effortlessly when you want to transport. Other than that, you can use mattress bags for storing a bed mattress as well.

A Person 

Let’s be honest; you can’t do it alone. It takes more than two hands to lift a mattress, let alone moving it. Also, you won’t be able to guarantee your mattress’s safety if you do it alone. 

In that case, get yourself another helping hand for a certain period that sticks around when moving the bed mattress.

Poly Rope

Poly ropes are a valuable investment because you can use them for more than one purpose. If you plan to move your mattress on a pickup van, you must think of a way to secure the bed mattress tightly with something. A poly rope will assist you in this matter. But, you have to make sure your knots are nice and tight.

On the other hand, you can use ratchet straps to die the mattress. Ratchet straps are a good alternative when you cannot make tight knots.

The Moving Process

Get your productive space ready. 

The first step to moving a mattress requires the preparation of a particular space; your working area. You have to have enough room. 

An ideal way to get started is to remove everything else from your bedroom first, and vertically position the mattress aside as you move the rest of the furniture from the room. Therefore, you will have ample space for moving the bed mattress.

Transfer the mattress inside a mattress bag 

Now, this part is a little tricky. That is where that mattress bag you bought comes in handy, and you need another human being to perform the process with you. 

It is the worst feeling in the world to find out that your mattress is damaged or full of dirt because someone scraped it against the wall. Even if your helping hand does something like this, you can’t be mad at them because they participated in helping you.

Close the mattress bag with duct tape 

You must know that the mattress bag you choose to put your mattress in is open from the ends, so you will need to close them off with duct tape. Tightly fold the edges, tape them up and then wrap the bag with tape. 

When packing, make sure to pack it on the lower and upper thirds of the bag. Create a crisscross with the duct tape, so the mattress will remain safe and secure even if it slides in the mattress bag.

Load the mattress on the vehicle

Here comes the most challenging part; moving the mattress out from your previous location and getting it into the vehicle. Even though your bed is kept safe in a mattress bag, you still need to handle it with care. 

It shouldn’t be easy for you to get the mattress through every door and obstacle you encounter, but it will be worth it if you do it with a friend. 

Moreover, the barriers that may come in your way can potentially damage the mattress as well. 

Make sure to clear out everything that happens in your way before you start taking the bed to the vehicle.

Secure the mattress correctly.

After loading the mattress into the vehicle, you have to secure it so it doesn’t slide or get damaged on the highway.

Lie the mattress flat on the vehicle, and secure it with ratchet straps. On the other hand, if you are using a poly rope to ensure the mattress, make sure your knots are tight.

Safely Transfer

While driving, it is possible to come across harsh winds. If you drive fast, then you better change your pace when moving a mattress. Prefer to drive slowly and safely to avoid disasters from occurring.

A Futon Mattress: Can I transfer it in the same way?

A futon mattress is delicate, so you have to counter-check each method of transportation in the steps involved in transferring a bed. You can easily fold a best futon mattress in half, wrap it in a mattress bag, secure it onto your vehicle, and move.

Furthermore, the security precautions for transferring a futon mattress are the same as for a traditional mattress.

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