Enabling Parental Control for Entertainment Devices

These days children have unrestricted access to content on a variety of entertainment devices. This has been made possible due to the wide range of platforms on which different genres of programs can be viewed. In addition, there is an insanely large spread of content available on the touch of a button. For instance, young kids have the option of watching millions of shows and films on digital as well as analog devices. Though some of the prepared software available is purely for a child’s enjoyment, there is still a lot of content which children should ideally not be viewing. In other words, with the easy access to content on convenience to carry devices and platforms, it is important to educate a child on the type of content he or she should filter out.  

  • Children have unrestricted access to content.
  • There are many platforms and devices available on which children can view such software.
  • Some shows and films are made purely for entertaining children.
  • A lot of adult content is available easily.

What are the Popular Choices for Entertainment Viewing?

There are many websites and streaming services that dish out entertainment programs. Some of the more popular ones include YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. They provide options to view numerous feature films and soap operas. In addition, on these services a child also has the option to gain unrestricted access to content meant primarily for adults. Finally, apart from these services and various digital platforms, there are television channels dedicated to entertainment programming. Here though the content is not as uncensored as on the streaming platforms, nevertheless they too need to be monitored.

  • Children watch entertainment programs on a wide range of websites and platforms.
  • In addition, there are TV channels available for this purpose.
  • Many streaming services like Netflix show content to which a child can get unrestricted access.
  • There are platforms like YouTube where children get similar content.

Why do Parents Need to Control Entertainment Devices?

Parents must monitor the content which their child is accessing on his or her smartphone, TV, or tablet. In other words, parents need to ensure their child is watching clean and safe content. For instance, there are many programs available for the entertainment of adults only. It is the parent’s responsibility to see to it that their child is not accessing such content that is inappropriate for his or her age. The plethora of smart devices has obviously made it very challenging to monitor what children are using it for. While some come with robust parental controls, there are others on which you need to download software or applications to control access to content.

  • It is important for parents to protect their children from inappropriate content.
  • A child should always be watching clean and safe a software.
  • Block all inappropriate content.
  • Some platforms and devices come with parental controls. Others need downloadingsoftware for this purpose.

Examples of Sites and Applications that Need Parental Control

  • Controlling Entertainment Content on YouTube

YouTube is a very popular website for accessing entertainment content. As a parent, you can allow your child to view only YouTube kids. In addition, you can switch on the restricted mode and track your child’s viewing on this application.

  • Controlling Entertainment Content on Netflix

Netflix allows the subscriber to create different profiles. Therefore based on the age of the viewer and the content he or she should watch a subscriber can provide access accordingly. 

How to Enable Parental Control on Entertainment Devices 

With easy access to different smart devices, a child has the license to view unrestricted content. However, their viewing should be controlled. The required restriction can happen by downloadingsoftware. In other words, there are some applications that are designed for enabling parental control on smart, entertainment devices.

  • Enabling Parental Control on Android Devices

Download software to restrict your child’s access to content on his smartphone from Google Play Store. Such software enables parents to restrict access to sites. In addition, it allows for filtering content. In other words, the remote to choose from a basket of content is available with you, the parent.

  • Enabling Parental Control on Amazon Fire Stick

There is an in-built parental control option. This can be accessed in the main settings on the Fire stick. Parents can create different accounts with the same subscription and protect the adult accounts with a unique password.

  • Enabling Parental Control on iOS Devices

Purchase an app and restrict your child’s screen time. In addition, as a parent, you can control sites and streaming services your child can access. Finally, there is also an in-built app for this purpose that is available on the device settings. 

  • Enabling Parental Control on Windows

A parent can purchase an application from Microsoft store to restrict and monitor the child’s activities on the computer. For this purpose, one needs to first set up a Microsoft account.


In conclusion, one question that continues to trouble parents is the amount of freedom they should give to their children on various entertainment devices. Today, thanks to smart devices access to the content of all kinds are available virtually on the go. Kids carry smartphones in their pockets. They own tablets. In addition, parents buy computers for their use. In other words, a child has unrestricted access to shows, programs, and content of all kinds. This includes programming that as a child he or she should not be watching. Therefore, parents look to find ways to restrict and monitor their child’s screen time. For this purpose, while there are certain in-built applications in some devices, there is alsosoftware that can be purchased from the store of the specific platform.

  • Parents worry about how much of their child’s activities on entertainment devices should be monitored.
  • Smart devices have given unrestricted access to the content of all kinds.
  • Monitoring a child’s screen time is important to protect him from exposure to inappropriate content.
  • Parents can either work with in-built apps or purchase softwarefrom the store.

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