Everyone agrees to the fact that being a cop is not an easy job. Facing dangers on a daily basis is extremely daunting. For decades there has been a riffed and a non-human connection between the community and the police. Daryll A. Triplett wants to show the world, that All Cops Ain’t Bad!

Generally, the thought about cops that widely prevails is that coming face to face with dangers makes them serious and boring, dull even. However, this statement is nothing but a myth. Cops are amazing entertainers, and there is no denying that no one does it better than Daryll A. Triplett, also known as Officer Keep it Real!

Although there is more to Daryll A. Triplett than meets the eye. He is not just a renowned stand-up comedian. He is a remarkable former police officer, a spectacular entrepreneur, professional emcee and event host, radio personality, actor, podcast host, a business owner, and an incredibly good family man. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys bowling, tennis, and swimming with his family.


Born on July 24, 1970, Daryll A. Triplett spent his childhood in Columbus, Ohio. He attended middle school at  Mifflin High School, and a graduated as a high schooler from Clermont High School. A bright student, Daryll, wanted to be able to make a difference. In order to do so, he joined the University of Akron and graduated with a speciality in Instructor for Public Safety in 1992. 

To practice law and order in his hometown, he got a certification from the Central Ohio Police Academy and Security Training in 1993 which enabled him to legally work on cases, make arrests and maintain security and accountability of inmates. Daryll holds many other certifications including the Public Safety Agency Training Council (PSATC) Homicide Investigations, No Neighborhood Left Behind Community Policing Certification, and Advanced ATF Training 1, 2, & 3, Asset forfeiture, narcotics identification certification.

The year 2000 brought Daryll to Atlanta, Georgia where he had successfully become a Senior Deputy Sheriff at the Fulton County Sheriff Office in Atlanta, GA. Daryll made sure that his actions proved to help sustain the justice system under his leadership. His efforts were noted by everyone, and on May 24, 2001, Daryll was awarded a basic certification recognized by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.

Daryll worked non-stop for five years as a Senior Deputy Sheriff to maintain law and order in the state. From making necessary arrests of violators to executing search warrants, patrolling courthouses and grand juries, providing assistance to citizens, helping in investigations, maintaining records and reports and delivering criminals to jail, he took significant steps to make sure justice was served. In 2004, Daryll also took part as a candidate in the Fulton County Sheriff’s Election.

By 2005, Daryll had joined the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office in Jonesboro, Georgia as a Major Deputy Sheriff.  There, he actively worked till in executing arrest warrants, coordinating with crime agencies offering his assistance to get rid of criminal activities, looking over the inmates to prevent escapes and assaults, and leading narcotics forces. He left the Clayton Sheriff Office in 2007.


Daryll A. Triplett had not limited his work to just being a police officer. He had a keen interest in business as well. By 1992, when Daryll was just 22, he had already begun a security business in Ohio. Soon, he started owning several other businesses, including towing companies a car dealership. Daryll also owns a hairline distribution company Hair 911, with his wife, Lisa.

In 2006, Daryll founded another company, G11 Security in Atlanta. Today, he is the CEO of the company, looking over the security strategies for the clients, implementing necessary actions and developing rules and regulations for best security services.


As a kid, Daryll A. Triplett was fond of making people laugh. He used to perform for his friends and family and loved putting smiles on people’s faces. But it wasn’t until he started off his career as a cop that he could make people laugh even in the most serious situations. Often when he had perpetrators in the back seat of his patrol car, and he would be driving them off to jail, he would say something funny making both of them laugh. It was then Daryll realized that more than anything, he wanted to make people laugh.

Soon after leaving the Clayton Sheriff Office, Daryll joined the Josh Harrison Acting School from where he received his Acting and Comedy certifications. In 2014, Daryll started working as a show host on VH2 Networks, Inc. a television station that can be found on Roku, which has over 60 million subscribers and on Atlanta Channel 26.5 which covers all of 4 million households in the metro Atlanta area. His talk shows were a hit, and his fan base started growing, inspiring Daryll to do something more.

The following year, Daryll started his own, the Officer Keep It Real Show. He launched the show with the idea of sharing stories about cops, victims and arrestees from a cop’s point of view. People often hear stories from victims and perps, but never from a cop, and that is precisely what Daryll intended on doing. He was a cop for more than 25 years, and that was a plus point for Daryll. He combined his experiences as a cop with stories of marriage and family to create barrier-transcending comedic relief.

To this day, his comedies are anecdotal, heritage and blue-collar. People of all races and ages are compelled to watch his show, and he makes sure that his time as a host makes people’s stomachs ache and cheeks hurt with laughter. 

Soon, Daryll had the opportunity to perform at several of Atlanta’ premier comedy clubs, Apache Comedy Club and The Punchline to name a few. His fanbase grew throughout the Southeast, America and Europe, and also got him featured in Ride Alone 2 starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

Daryll also hosts the Meet The Tripletts show. The show is a peek in the life of the Tripletts and their ten children, age ranging from 16-25, homeschooling the children, several businesses, and Daryll being a 25-year police officer. 

Today, Daryll A. Triplett is not just making people laugh, but he is also giving people a reason to believe in themselves. His story is the perfect portrayal of inspiration and staying true to oneself.

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