Choosing a CBD Oil of the Right Potency: A Quick Guide

Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself before choosing a CBD oil:

  • Have you used CBD before? What power have you used?
  • Why do you consume CBD? What benefits are you looking for?
  • How many times do you take CBD a day?
  • How many drops of CBD oil do you usually take?
  • How do you take CBD (under the tongue, in food, in lotions, etc.)?

Mild CBD oil

Our mild CBD oil contains 2.5% CBD and is an excellent choice for new CBD consumers. Like all our CBD items, this mellow oil is produced using quality European hemp, and has been altogether separated to evacuate any hints of plant material, flotsam and jetsam and destructive added substances.Given its low concentration, this oil is perfect for new users who want to familiarize themselves with the dietary benefits of CBD.

It should be noted that oils with low CBD concentrations are not of inferior quality. All of our products contain the same top-notch CBD extract. The lower potency products have been engineered to provide our customers with a little variety in administration and dosage.

Medium CBD oil

Our medium potency CBD oil contains 4% CBD. With a stronger than mild dose, it is ideal for consumers who are already familiar with CBD and its effects and want to increase the dose. However, it is not as strong as our most powerful oil, which we will see in more detail below.

It is especially suitable for consumers with fewer opportunities to take the oil during the day and who therefore need a higher dose.

Our medium potency oil contains the same extract as the other products listed in this article. However, in this oil we have slightly increased the concentration of CBD to suit consumers who prefer a slightly stronger effect. We recommend our medium oil for those consumers who are already familiar with the effects of CBD and want to increase the dosage for greater benefits.

Our medium oil is available in 3 sizes: 10ml, 30ml and 50ml.

Strong CBD oil

At PureKana, we produce a high potency CBD oil with 10% CBD, which is one of the strongest CBD oils on the European market today. Like our other oils, this product is specially designed to preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes of hemp extract in high concentrations.

Unlike the other products on this list, we recommend this oil for consumers who take CBD regularly and want to increase the dosage. Once again, being a highly potent oil, this product is perfect for those who are already familiar with CBD and want to increase their daily intake.

This oil undergoes a special steam distillation process designed to preserve more terpenes in the hemp extract. Like all our products, this oil has been tested in our laboratory and by third parties in order to ensure that its potency and purity meet our strictest standards.

Oil or capsules?

At PureKana, we also offer CBD capsules. It is a great alternative to oils, as they are completely tasteless (CBD oil is bitter). They can be taken like any other capsule, which makes dosing simple and discreet. You can also read quality cbd reviews such as Charlotte’s Web cbd gummies 10mg review to better understand potency.

Tips for consuming CBD oil

Now that you know the difference between mild, medium and strong CBD oil, here are some tips to help you get the most out of our products:

Always choose organic hemp grown in Europe

Whenever you consume CBD, be sure to choose only high-quality products made from organic hemp. All of our products are made from organically grown organic hemp, free of pesticides or other harmful products. This guarantees the quality and purity of all our oils regardless of their potency.

Always choose the best olive oil

All CBD oils contain some form of oil to help supply and store CBD extract. At PureKana, we just utilize the best olive oil for its wide scope of medical advantages and for its acknowledgment as a dietary enhancement. Olive oil additionally has a long-time span of usability and a low sensitivity hazard.

Pick quality over an affordable cost

Likewise, with everything, with regards to CBD, you get what you pay for. Accordingly, we generally prescribe our clients to pick quality oils from confided in makers, as opposed to the least expensive alternative accessible.

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