Sharan Burrow, the first woman to become General Secretary of the ITUC, stated, “We need economic growth, yes, but growth can be jobless, so a sustainable development framework for employment must include a job creation strategy.

Johan Rockström, a Swedish professor and former executive director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Stated, “Global sustainability is now the only avenue to future inclusive progress that can deliver the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris climate agreement.

Francois-Henri Pinault, a French billionaire businessman, said, “Sustainable development is a fundamental break that’s going to reshuffle the entire deck. There are companies today that are going to dominate in the future simply because they understand that.

Sustainable development is not a new term and has been discussed by several notable leaders from all across the world. People are familiar with the concept, but not many people are aware of what it truly means and what are the founding principles of this concept. Many organizations have made it part of their agenda, be it non-profit bodies or corporate setups, but no one is truly following the path.

The term, “Sustainable Development,” refers to the process where communities develop attitudes and that lead to the strengthening of its natural environment, economy and social well-being. It is one of the most important aspects when it comes to helping third world countries build a strong foundation for themselves.

There is one organization that is working on the true principles of sustainable development, and that is the International Development & Humanitarian Organization (IDHO). It was founded by a Somalian-born Hussein Abdi Abdullahi who belongs to a nomadic family from Ogaden. The social entrepreneur founded this non-profit and non-governmental organization in Washington after getting resettlement in the country from Dadaab Refugee Camps in Garissa County, Kenya.

Founded on a vision, “to establish self-sufficiency and to promote social progress in a post-war torn region,” IDHO address the problems and respond to the emergencies the weak communities in the Horn of East Africa region have to deal with. It came into the picture on October 22, 2016, when Hussein launched it with support from Kristine Lynch.

A Humanitarian Organization that Understands

There are hundreds and thousands of non-profit organizations that are working to help communities in the third world gain a stable ground. However, these organizations are unable to provide long-term benefits, and the weak communities return to their initial, worst conditions after living a few days of happiness.

IDO is a non-profit organization that understands the real need of struggling nations. The organization has laid its foundation on the elements of sustainable growth which works only when the approach of holistic community development is chosen.

Hussein, the founder and managing director of the organization, is an advocate of holistic community development. He understands that it is the only way the world can help struggling countries get stabilized, not just economically but also socially. One of the areas that IDHO has its focus on is the building of social capital. Hussein states, “I strongly believe that building a social capital unites our communities for a better future.

There are five factors that the world needs to address to reach sustainable development. These factors include global interdependence, stewardship, conservation, indicators, and shared responsibility. IDHO focuses on all these factors. The areas that it provides its assistance in include; Education, Healthcare, Pure Water, Sanitation services, Gender equality, Human rights, Food Security Analysis, and Logistics.

When it comes to sustainability, individuals of a community need to be empowered, and this is what IDHO functions on. The philosophy of this organization is “development comes from the people themselves.” The organization is working to empower individuals, especially the youth of countries, including Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. It also focuses on girl child education, as this is one of the many reasons why communities in these parts of the world are not able to thrive.

The mission of this organization also supports the concept of sustainable development, “provide the essentials of basic education and healthcare services to the Horn of Africa to bring sustainability in which all Africans can thrive.

Working on values such as integrity, efficiency, transparency, accountability, humanity, trust, collaboration, and connection, IDHO is one of the few organizations that are working on the concept of philanthropy. It not only includes sustainable development in its agenda but also works implement it in the most vulnerable and susceptible communities in East Africa.

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