3 Perfect Storage Beds for Small Rooms

Who isn’t aware of the direct implication of sleep on our health, or the impact of your bed on sleep? Virtually no one! Sleep plays a vital role in the maintenance of both our mental and physical wellbeing, and the quality of your bed affects your shut-eye period.

This, therefore, creates the need for quality beds. But, there is also the need for space. Regardless of how clutter-free you could be, you would always need some extra space in your room. In a large room, meeting two needs really isn’t a problem. But, when it comes to small rooms; things sort of take an ugly face.

So, what if you could merge these two needs and solve them with just action. More of a ‘killing-two-birds-with-a-stone’ scenario. And you know what this action is- getting a storage bed designed specifically for small rooms.

Here are three beds you really should try out if you are caught at sea about what bed your small space could handle:

An Alcove  Bed

What could be more blissful than having a small bed fit right into your window? Of course, not literally, but then, alcove beds have a way of converting an extremely small window nook into an entirely different place of safety and rest.

If you are a fan of cocoons, alcove beds got you covered! Oh! You’ve also wished for the cosy, more-secured-kinda-feeling every time you have a nap or read? Alcove bed is definitely for you. These beds are so space-saving in the sense that they utilize areas of your room that are ‘not so practical’. Asides a window which is surrounded by three walls, that corner ‘made of three barriers become so useful when it comes to alcove beds.

Of late, alcove beds have gotten so popular. And, that’s quite a surprise. This is because alcove beds cannot be bought- you’ve got to construct one. Also, alcove beds come with a little downside- you might have a hard time when laying your bed- as per, there’s only one open side.

However, here comes the comforting news: alcove beds do not just save space by limiting the amount of space consumed, also, the regions below the alcove bed could come handy if you’ve got some floor drawers- just slot them in.

One more thing; I am sure no one wishes a slumbering body comes between them and their midnight snack at 3 am. So, take appropriate measures that would reduce the number of times you or your partner needs to get up at night.

A Captain Bed

In reality, captain beds were literally used by captains. This concept comes from the beds used by captains in ships. Even though the Captain’s Quarters was usually the most spacious in the ship, issues about space still arose. So, they figured raising up the sleeping surface above the floor; high enough to make room for some storage was actually a practical, space-saving option. And, that’s what they did.

Basically, a captain bed is just like any other normal bed, except that it consists of some shallow boxes fixed into the sides. These boxes act as storage options. This design optimizes space-saving, as well as blends into the room aura while serving its ultimate function- supporting your quality mattress. Talking about mattresses, you really should check out this Nectar Vs Purple comparison. It would come in handy when the time comes to pick a mattress.

Nowadays, captain beds popularity hasn’t diminished. Instead, it has seen an expansion past the adult room, and into the children’s room. Contrary to the ones used in ships, modern captain beds have morphed into something quite smaller, and more practical. For instance, you could replace your drawers with flat panels, and the frames need not be embedded into the floor- unlike ship’s beds. And for this reason, it is quite applicable in homes with limited space.

Ottoman Bed

Imagine if you could use the entire space beneath your mattress. Visualize the bliss, and relief it could bring to your space-problems. You’ve done that? Now, drift back to reality. Go get an ottoman bed.

These beds are so much of a clever storage bed. Basically, an ottoman bed is one that utilizes the power of gas-lift hydraulics to totally lift up the base of your bed, revealing an ocean-size space. In situations where standard drawer beds do not solve your space-issues, an ottoman bed does better.

And actually, these beds are extremely practical, easy-to-use and they make a lot of sense. Why settle with drawer beds when you could actually utilize the entirety of the space occupied by your bed? So, in actual sense, your bed ends up not occupying any extra space.


Keeping your room clutter-free has immense benefits; it makes your room tidy and allows you to harness the power in a calm and clean space; channeling it into your productivity. Storage beds can help make this your reality!

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