Rottweiler Life LLC: A Growing Community Of Rottweiler Lovers

Have you heard of Rottweiler Life ? Chances are you’re already familiar with this name, but in case you aren’t, here the story of Ahmed Sobhy and Rottweiler Life. Sobhy turned his love for dogs into a global platform of Rottweiler lovers.

Wanting to put his passion to good use, Ahmed initially resorted to social media. He created a Facebook page for Rottweiler lovers. As the page gathered over 200k followers in the first couple of months, Sobhy got the encouragement to move further with his idea. The Facebook page led to his very successful website Rottweiler Life. The website has now welcomed over 1.4 million lovers while his Facebook group boasts of nearly 90k members.

Are Rottweilers actually aggressive? What are the best methods of socializing your Rottie? Many questions like these come up when you’re a Rottweiler owner. Sobhy’s website provides all such useful information and tips regarding how to train, what to feed, and so on. The website even won the Best Rottweiler website in 2014.

The Rottweiler breed is often misunderstood for their aggressive nature or hated even by many dog lovers because they’re a mystery difficult to unfold. Most blogs don’t have sufficient information regarding this breed. So, for all the Rottweiler lovers out there, Ahmed’s website was like a big boon! The detailed information you will find on Rottweiler Life will help you not only understand the breed better but also build a lasting bond with your own Rottweiler. And many dog lovers, who were previously shy of this breed have now happily welcomed Rotties in their homes. That is the power of Sobhy’s genuine love for the dogs.

As the website went on to turn many false Rottweiler myths into dust, people realized how loyal and loving these doggos can be. This prompted Sobhy to publish his book of the same name to reach even more people. The book went on to become a bestseller in the US.

Having garnered millions of fans and followers on Facebook, Instagram, and via the website, Sobhy recently turned Rottweiler Life into an LLC Media Company in the US. But Sobhy wanted to explore beyond Rottweilers. His curiosity led to the foundation of Wow Things Media, a digital media marketing company that provides services like SEO tools, website and application development, and many more options.

Having achieved much in a short span of time, Sobhy is hopeful of an even brighter future. A future where he not only helps unite Rottweilers and dog lovers but also people from the digital marketing world. And we wish him only the best for all his endeavors!

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