Part Time Maid Services, why are they so important now

For a long time, people who work part-time as maid were mildly smiled at. However, the working model is slowly gaining more and more followers. Not without reason, as the following article reveals.

Most maids continue to work full-time. This means that they go about their job for 40 hours or more a week and receive a corresponding salary. From a financial perspective, full-time is of course the most attractive. But if you look at what is left of your private life after an eight-hour day, you, unfortunately, find all too often: Not so much. No wonder that more and more employees are interested in a part-time job. But why is this form of work so recommendable?

Until the 20th century, servants, predominantly women, did the work that was done in the large households of wealthy families from the nobility, patriciate, and upper-middle class. In the castles, in particular, an extensive staff of house and garden staff was necessary so that the ruling families could live and act in accordance with their needs for representation.

“Part time maid” were often only 14 or 15 years old at the beginning of their careers. In contrast to the factory, which offered women an alternative to being a maid or maid from the second half of the 19th century, those who “took up positions” learned important skills after all, as housewives believed at the time.

Always available for your service

The maid had no regular working hours. His free time was more than tight, there was an exit every fortnight on Sundays for a few hours. Mostly this was used to visit one’s own family or to attend the service. The latter was one of the rare opportunities to get to know people. Maintaining private contacts was almost impossible. The reception of any visit was not allowed. Their own needs were almost non-existent, the service was the only purpose in life. 

The young women had to “always be at your service”, take care of the concerns and wishes of the ruling family around the clock – at night if necessary. In the evening it was usually late, especially when there were guests in the house, which was common. Before going to sleep, all that was needed was to mend your own clothes, which had to be impeccable and clean or to talk to a colleague who was often in the same room. The majority of these were small, unheated rooms under the roof, which were more than sparsely furnished. Nutrition was often just as miserable as the accommodation, although food and lodging made up most of the remuneration.

Dependency on their work

The dependency relationship between the maid and the ruling family culminated in the compulsory service booklet, which served as a means of control and pressure. The landlady entered the length of employment, the activities and a short certificate. Only those women with a complete, impeccable service book found employment again. From one day to the next, the maid could be dismissed and put outside the door, reasons were hardly necessary – or were invented if necessary. 

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