Kim Tronic teaches us how to laugh in the face of disaster with ‘Dear Diary, Does my Cancer look big in this?’

Focusing on gratitude, wellness and positivity, Kim’s Official Cancer Takeaways shares important life lessons that we’ve all heard before, but sometimes forget. Even Kim Tronic, the author and cancer survivor, takes her own wisdom to heart. “I’d heard them all at one point or another, but as a direct result of my ordeal, they became clear and meaningful and suddenly made a lot of sense.”

Lesson #1: The intangible things in life matter most. While you can’t hold these things in your hands, you can hold them in your heart, your soul, your memories. Family. Friendship. Love. Health. Community. These are the invaluable assets that truly make us whole, but sadly, many people take them for granted. “It’s easy to let the years slip by in a revolving door of wanting stuff. I certainly did,” Kim says.

Lesson #2: Time is a precious commodity. “It doesn’t discriminate. You can’t buy more of it. If you waste it, you’re not gonna get it back,” Kim shares. There will never be a perfect time to start chasing your dreams, so don’t wait. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. What would you do today if fear wasn’t standing in your way?

Lesson #3: Don’t get caught up in the “milestones mindset.” The danger of believing “I’ll be happy when..” is a slippery slope, whether or not you are struggling with a life-threatening illness. While this was the most difficult mindset to overcome, Kim worked through therapeutic methods and self-realization to obtain a realistic mindset. The more we reach outward for things to make us happy, the more we should reach within. While it’s great to want things for our lives, those things shouldn’t dictate happiness.

Lesson #4: Have faith and believe in yourself. Kim speaks not only from her cancer journey, but also from her professional career in moments of doubt and criticism. She ended up better from that. Kim also encourages readers to step back and reflect on what they can learn from struggling times. This is where the most growth occurs.

“I had unknowingly limited myself. Kept myself in a little box. Held myself down, thinking I’m not capable, or I don’t deserve success. But why? Why did I care what other people thought? Why did I need other people to validate me and my work?”

Lesson #5: Fear holds us back. Hope moves us forward. While fear prevents us from living our true lives, hope provides the courage and optimism to fully live our lives. The choice is yours.

Lesson #6: Finding your life’s purpose leads to fulfillment. After Kim’s cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery, she wanted to help others in the same way they helped her. “We’ve all been blessed with a chance to do something special with our time – why waste that?” The journey to finding your purpose won’t be easy, but is more rewarding than living life aimlessly.

Lesson #7: Always continue to evolve into the best version of yourself. While change can be painful during this phase, recognize your potential. Kim asks her readers, “Wouldn’t life be boring if we stayed exactly the same? With evolution, there’s always room for growth and discovery.”

With these invaluable lessons in mind, you can take a journey into self-discovery in the same manner as Kim 3.0.

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