Muneeb Mushtaq Struggled In the Coronavirus Era, But Was Able To Innovate And Create A New Kind Of Product To Help His Company And Help The World

It is impossible to ignore the effects that the current pandemic has on businesses of all types. With less discretionary spending done by people all over the world, many businesses have suffered; some even closing their doors forever having not survived the damage of the pandemic. Muneeb Mushtaq has felt the effects of the pandemic, but has been adaptable to the situation and made the most out of the difficult times.

“The biggest obstacle we’ve faced would be the current COVID-19 crisis we are going through. When this pandemic started in Wuhan, China back in January of 2020, we had just finished the R&D on our smart home product and were planning to go into mass-production in China. Unfortunately, due to the virus, the factories in China did not open after Chinese New Years, resulting in a devastating snowball effect for us and threw our solid plans for the year out the window.” Remarks Muneeb Mushtaq.

Muneeb has been a tech entrepreneur for over ten years at this point having successfully built two tech startups, but by far, the virus has taken the largest toll on his business. He started his business when he was only 18 years old with his brother, Nabeel Mushtaq, and got acquired at the age of 20. In order to adapt the obstacles presented by the virus, he created an entirely new product line to try and assist in some of the gaps created by the virus.

“Most recently, we decided to shift the focus of the company to do something meaningful in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. AIRZAI is focusing on contributing to the shortage of sanitization products in the market and has introduced a new line of products called, AIRZAI Care.” Muneeb states.

This special product is different from many others because it kills airborne viruses. Using their expertise in fragrances and other air technologies, the airzai team was able to create this highly effective, all-natural product that can kill germs on all kinds of surfaces like packages, groceries, and the air in general.

“Our team focused on making a formulation that is effective against air and surface bacterias utilizing our expertise in air fragrance. That’s when we invented our very innovative and unique product called Airzai Care Natural Disinfectant Spray. It has proved to be a hit amongst our customers, and we sold out within hours. Not only does this product kill germs in the air, but it can also be sprayed to disinfect surfaces like your groceries and amazon packages, and it’s made with 100% natural ingredients.” Explains Muneeb Mushtaq.

For Muneeb Mushtaq, this was an important step to take for his company. He knew that his company had specific expertise that could be used to help many people, so he used his extensive knowledge of technology and fragrance spraying devices to help people. This is not the end of Muneeb’s talents though. He has created numerous innovative products like this one before to meet the needs of people.

“It’s all about the quality of work and effort you put into your products. As an example, our smart-home device is designed by an award-winning industrial designer, Fred Bould. He is the genius behind the Nest Thermostat by Google, GoPro, Roku TV, and many other incredible products. Each and every part of our product is made with only premium materials and ingredients that we have invested millions of dollars doing the R&D on.” Says Muneeb Mushtaq.

Though the virus had a harsh impact on Muneeb’s company, his invention of the natural disinfectant spray has helped bring his company back online and to the top. The company has already raised a record of $3.6 million in seed funding alone and now the sales are skyrocketing and the future looks promising for Muneeb and his company Airzai. Airzai expects to be the market leader in coming months with the introduction of the smart home product. 

“We are excited about our current venture, Airzai more than ever. Our smart-home product is ready to ship very soon. With the introduction of our all-new Airzai Care line and our unique, patent-pending natural disinfectant spray, we are expecting to be market leaders in a very short time while creating a reputable premium brand in the industry.” exclaims Muneeb.

To find out more about Muneeb Mushtaq, you can follow him on Instagram @muneebmushtaq and you can check out Airzai on Instagram @airzaihq. You can also check out the Airzai website at

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