Why is a Promise Ring much more than a Pre-Engagement Ring?

Oprah Winfrey, Selena Gomez, the Jonas Brothers, Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin, Jordan Sparks, and Ashley Tisdale. What do these people have in common? In addition to being A-list celebrities, they have at one time donned promised rings.However, this doesnot help solve the confusion that exists between promise rings, purity rings, pre-engagement rings, and engagement rings.

While the history of rings dates back to the early civilizations in Egypt, Rome, and Greece, these accessories are difficult to understand. No doubt, a ring is the most symbolic jewelry item because you can use it to pass a message, but choosing the right one is a Herculean task.

A promise ring is an ideal symbol if you want to express your commitment to a relationship. However, there is a lot that goes into purchasing a promise ring and presenting it to that special person in your life.

This post delves into the world of promise rings to help you make the right choice.

What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring symbolizes love and commitment between partners. The ring is gifted by one person to another in a romantic relationship to signify their fidelity and commitment. In many cases, this accessory precedes an engagement ring, but this is not always the case.

These rings have been around since the time of the ancient Romans (2nd century BC). During those times, brides would wear promise rings given to them by their lovers as a symbol of a promise of marriage. The law required lovers to wait for a certain period before they could consummate their union in a public ceremony.

In England, these rings were usedduring the 15th to 17th centuries. They took thethe form of posy rings and hadromantic messagesengraved on them. They were symbols of romantic affection and devotion.

If you have been in a relationship for some time and you want to cement it, this is the perfect piece of jewelry to gift your partner. Diamond promise rings are all the rage today as most lovers want to strengthen their relationship before they take the next big step.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyles, partners use these rings as a sign of their seriousness and commitment to a relationship. The ring will signify a commitment to be with your partner in the future. It is for this reason that many couples consider promise rings to be pre-engagement rings. They come before the commitment of marriage and hence the need to pick a magnificent style and design for the special occasion.

Most people wear promise rings on the ring finger of the left hand if they are not married, and on the right hand if they are married. However, you can choose to wear this ring on any finger.

More than Pre-Engagement Rings

There are other situations when these rings can still come in handy. For instance:

  • Cementing a friendship: The meaning of promise rings might have been romantic in origin, but it has changed over the years. Many people now use these rings to cement their friendship. For instance, a lady can make a custom promise ring for a girlfriend, as a symbol of their commitment to support each other.
  • Chastity: The promise ring worn by the Jonas Brothers is a type of chastity ring. This ring symbolizes purity and a commitment to chastity until marriage. If you make a promise between yourself and a friend/friends, you can wear promise rings as a reminder.
  • Promise to oneself: People make commitments to themselves. Keeping such promises is sometimes tough, and this is where a promise ring comes in handy. The ring will remind the wearer of their commitment to overcome commitments they made to themselves to abstain from things such as sex, drugs, alcohol, or other negative influences.

These diverse uses of promise rings point to a shift from the romantic use of these accessories. You can adapt the rings to suit your purpose, whether you want to commit to a relationship or a friendship.

Buying A Promise Ring

Now that you appreciate the multiple uses of promise rings, it is imperative to appreciate how to gift and wear them. If you are on the market for this type of ring you should consider the following:

  1. Purpose of the ring: Do you plan to use it as a pre-engagement ring, a commitment to friendship, or a purity ring? The use of the piece will determine the design, size, and type of metal and gemstone you choose.
  2. Customization: it is good to customize a promise ring to suit the style of the wearer. They will appreciate the item more if it matches their style and taste in jewelry, and fits them perfectly. You can also engrave the ring with an appropriate message if this adds more symbolism.
  3. Go for a subtle ring: While you might want to surprise your partner or friend, you should consider a smaller and less obvious diamond ring for this purpose.

Presenting a Promise Ring

There are no rules to giving someone a promise ring as you can gift it any point during a relationship. You should not rush to buy or offer the ring early in your relationship. Instead, wait for some time and choose a special private occasion to present it to your partner.

In case of a friendship ring, it is also advisable to present the ring privately so that your friend can appreciate the moment. The presentation of these rings shouldnot be an elaborate affair.

Final Thoughts

Are you wondering how to show your commitment to a relationship or friendship? If you mean it, a promise ring is a great way to solidify the commitment. While these rings are popular with couples, they can also be used for many other occasions. They are much more than pre-engagement rings.

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