What is an excavator machine?

An excavator is a powerful vehicle, used to lift heavy objects and soil. It is most popular as an earthmoving vehicle. Movable tracks, rotating cab, arm, and buckets are the components of excavator that help it to dig soil, hold objects, and move them from one place to another. A great variety can be performed using excavators, like breaking holes, lifting mines and waste, digging trenches. A powerful boom arm is designed and attached to the driving base for excavating. With the base, a small cab is also getting attached to hold the driver.   

Excavator used for

Excavator is used for the construction of large and small scale. The construction-related tasks it can perform include road construction, mining, building construction, and demolition. For drilling and digging, small machines are used. For heavy-duty tasks, large excavators with several advanced tools are used.    Consider the type of work, speed, and space, etc before renting a machine. Some rental companies, like in Melbourne excavator hire, assist you to find the best one according to the work you have and provide the best equipment rental services.

The tasks, it can perform includes:

  • Fill and cut, for small projects
  • Used in road construction
  • Used to move large rocks and armors
  • Used in the construction of marine
  • Used to move construction material
  • Remove the wastes from the construction site.
  • Demolition
  • Forestry work
  • Placing and lifting heavy pipes
  • River dredging

Types of Excavator machine

There are several types of excavators, concerning its size, purpose, use, and brand.

 The most common types of excavator machines are:

  • Dragline excavator
  • Crawlers
  • Suction excavator
  • Long reach excavator
  • Skid steer
  • Crawler

For tasks related to heavy-duty construction and mining, the crawlers are used. It doesn’t run on wheels it uses two endless tracks to move on. Crawlers are also called compact excavators. To lift the heavy objects and soil, it uses hydraulic power.

These machines are feasible enough to work on uneven terrains and hilly areas, as its chain wheel allows it to slide the hills easily. Comparatively it is slower to the other excavators, but the stability, flexibility, and balance are amazing.

  • Dragline excavator

This is the type of large excavator and is used for heavy-duty tasks. It uses the host rope system, attached to a bucket using a hoist coupler. This bucket attached to the dragline, on the other side that helps the bucket run towards the cab. The hoist is used to lower and raises the bucket and the dragline helps it to pull towards the driver.     

  • Suction excavator

It is also called the vacuum excavator. To provide up to 400 horsepower, it uses the suction pipe. To lose the soil, it first releases the water jet. At the end of the pipes, sharp teeth do exist, that carry away the soil and debris at the speed of 200 miles per hour, by creating the vacuum. It is very effective because the risk of damage decreased by 50 percent.

  • Skid steer

The orientation of the skid steer is different from the standard excavator. The bucket and the steers, face away from the cab. In this way, the attachment reaches the cab, easily. This orientation is useful in maneuvering tricky turns and narrow spaces. These are used in residential work, digging pools, debris removal, and site cleaning, etc where the area is limited.

  • Long reach excavator

      As its name suggests, this type of excavator contains a long arm and is feasible to reach the areas, which are difficult to reach. 100 feet area can be covered horizontally, with the help of its extendable arm.

Long reach excavator ids especially useful in the projects related to demolition like breaking the walls, structural crumbling, etc. to perform some additional tasks like cutting, crushing, and shearing; some additional tools could easily be attached with the arm.

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