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Managers are responsible for so many things, not to mention making sure that employees get to their station on time.

Tracktime24 provide work time tracking software to businesses and know a thing or two about employee timekeeping. According to the polling, 48% of workers manage to report on time. However, the bad news is that more than 50% of workers are always late. To make matters worse, 19% of workers report late once a week. Those who report late are usually young employees – there is a 50% chance that young adults are likely to report late once in a while compared to aged Americans (55+) who are always punctual.

It is not easy to manage someone who is never punctual since you are never sure of which disciplinary action you should take, especially if the employee contributes a lot to the business. In this case, the manager might be forced to ignore the act – but what will the other employees think? What message will you be sending to those workers who wake up early so that they can get to work on time?

TrackTime24 provide software to help with this but they also have some other strategies they’d advise businesses to use, which you can read below.

Come Up With A Strict And Clear Policy.

The only way you can deal with this issue is by defining it. That is because most employees do not understand what the word ‘late’ means. For example, 47% of workers would consider getting to work late if they were asked to report to their stations the latest being five minutes after the shift had started. But when the day starts with an important assignment, such as preparing for an important meeting, managers would notice many employees getting to work on time.

Because of this reason, it is necessary to document any expectations and make sure that you come up with a strict and clear policy that addresses punctuality. The policy should also have a warning and clear specifications of what lateness is before deciding on the disciplinary action.

The timekeeping policy should ease the burden of the manager. Therefore, take advantage of attendance software, which allows workers to clock in when they report to work and clock out when taking their leave in the evening.

Understand The Challenges Faced By Employees.

To improve punctuality, you need to make sure that all employees understand what the company expects from them. However, you also need to make exceptions for serious issues such as childcare crises, severe storms, and even traffic jams. Such things can affect both the employees and the manger.

According to San Diego State University report, some employees can never report to work on time – that is because there is a group of people who interpret being on time in a different way. This might not be a common cause, but such an issue can also be addressed using valuable traits such as higher optimism and creativity. Moreover, you might be forced to keep such an employee if his or her effort never goes unnoticed.

Another major issue that the manager has to deal with is the lateness of employees who previously have always been punctual. The best way of dealing with such an issue is by finding out from the employees what the problem could be and try to come up with a reasonable solution. There are many factors that can contribute to current tardiness, such as road construction and even working hours.

Make Things Easy For Employees.

Do not rush to discipline your employees for being late. Instead, ask the employees what can be done for them so that they can be punctual. If the current working hours are not favorable to them, then you can arrange for better and flexible working hours. Also, come up with an option to work remotely, so that employees can still continue with their assignment when facing a crisis.

Employees also struggle with keeping time if they are not aware of the time of their shifts. Because of this reason, you need to make sure that all employees are notified in advance as to when their shifts start. You can do this using scheduling software like Tracktime24 a user-friendly solution for both you and your employees.

If being late is contributed by forgetting shifts, then you can use automatic shift reminders. This will help keep both employees and the manager alert at all times. Furthermore, according to the latest report published by Paycor research, such a tool can help reduce the time lost to lateness by 16% and more.

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