SerpLogic Look at What’s Working in SEO in 2020

And all of a sudden, we are in the middle of a new year. Scratch that, it’s a brand-new Decade!

It truly feels like only yesterday when we are talking about how important SEO was as we moved into 2019, and now as we are drawing to a close in on the first half of 2020, many of these things are still true says Tommy McDonald of

One of the key ones to high is the continuing and increasing importance of mobile. Ranging from design through search, mobile must be a top priority when you are planning to undertake your digital marketing campaigns.

However, what are some of the more complex, in-depth aspects of search engine optimization in this new decade that could launch your business to a new level? Tommy and the team at SerpLogic put together a list of some of the most important ones below:

Authority, Relevance, and Trust (ART)

In SEO there is an acronym called ART, which is short for authority, relevance, and trust. Those are a couple of pillars on which you can build a solid optimization strategy, and if you continue to sustain and renovate your artistic abilities, your website will be in good shape.

When it comes to authority, your brand needs to be positioned as a leader in your industry – a website that many people go to searching for insight or answers – and Google will judge this on the appropriate backlinks and external links as well as relevant content that it offers.

When it comes to relevance, you need to maintain your audience as well as have the audience fit in well with your targeted field of authority.

Finally, your audience needs to trust you. Although many people think of trust as being something that Google judges your links on, the search engine claims that “trust” is not calculated into their algorithms.

With relevance and authority being critically important, having an audience that has trust in you means they will continue to come back – and that is definitely important.

Link Building

In digital marketing, links continue to be very important.  In order for ART to be applicable to your strategy, your backlinks need to reflect your industry position. However, in 2020, it has never been more important than now to build high-quality links for your brand.

Google’s algorithm continues tightening the lease on poor-quality and cheap (especially anything that verges on black hat) links, so you need to be sure that the links that send individuals back to your website are coming from trustworthy sources that relate to your field or industry. 

Implement programming

As the saying goes, content is king. Google likes links. But what steps can you take to make a significant impact on your rankings in the SERPs?

Implement the appropriate programming/coding. That can range from the right use of meta tags to foundational website creation principles such as site maps.

If you don’t know how to code, talk to your web developer to make sure they are highly knowledgeable about SEO practices.

User-Focused Optimization and BERT

Within the SEO industry, BERT (short for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is viewed as one of the most critical algorithm updates (although some might say it is more of a refinement) that Google has introduced in many years.  It relates to the NLP (Natural Language Processing) that was released by Google in 2018 for open-sourced editing; and this technique is used for affecting the neural network.

In plain English what does that mean? When a user does a search in Google, the words used in the search relate to one another and are not only synonyms. That helps to focus on what the true meaning is behind searches, instead of guessing at what singular words’ overarching purpose is.

So, what can you do optimize for it? According to Google, you can’t. However, we recommend that you go back to basics and make sure that that your online content focuses on what your target audience is searching for.

Structured Data

The use of structured data (such as harkens back to the point discussed above in terms of getting programming implemented for your website that adheres to SEO best-practices.

It is the data on the backend that makes it possible for Google’s crawlers to read your content and information and appropriately display it within the SERPs so that it reaches the right audience.

For years this has been one of the most critical aspects of being displayed in Google, and it continues to be to this day. It also feeds in perfectly with the last point we made.

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