Peugeot and Poland Are Still Worlds Apart

Poland still ranks as one of the most populous nations in Central and Eastern Europe, with a plentiful population of over 38 million people. As such, any automobile company looking to make some great sales across Europe will have no choice but to consider the Polish market.

The French company, Peugeot, has been doing remarkably well for years now. However, statistics from polish Samar Automotive Research Institute show that they are not doing well enough in Poland, because sales have been low. Peugeot is bound to make good profits when they include Poland in their watch.

The subsequent paragraphs will help explain why it is clear that Peugeot is not working hard enough to captivate the hearts of poles with their stylish car models.

Is Peugeot Not Concerned about the Polish Market?

One cannot help but imagine that Peugeot is not to be interested in the Polish market. That’s because if you go to other places like Germany and Japan, Peugeot car dealership is in high demand. Therefore, the marketing is aggressive, and people are buying into the product. It would be better if Peugeot could rethink their strategy in Poland. Whatever unfavorable agreement they may have had with car dealers, they need to address that and think of a way to move forward. If they get their acts together in Poland, they’ll be talking much more sales!

An Underutilized Market?

Peugeot cars are nowhere close to the current competition in terms of sales figures. They are languishing behind car competitor brands like Dacia. To put it in a more precise context, Dacia is a cheap car brand that shouldn’t be in the same class as Peugeot. It simply implies that Peugeot is not doing what they are supposed to do. They are not taking advantage of the current situation and market. But, if they can put in more effort in terms of marketing and favorable car dealership policies, Peugeot could quickly sell two to three times more than the number of cars they are currently selling in Poland – says popular website about French cars,

A Historic Connection

The history between the poles and the French is as old as the First World War or even earlier. Back then, the polish people even offered the French the necessary military assistance they needed to stay afloat in the war. That means the poles have always had a soft spot in their hearts for the French, as well as any product that is coming from France. And with the striking and innovative features that are becoming part of today’s Peugeot cars, the poles will be glad to get in on the trend.


It is about time the French car company, Peugeot, stopped looking down on the Polish market. They are losing out to other car brand competitors too easily. They can do much better than what they are doing today. They can begin by revamping the relationships they had with car dealers in Poland. If car dealers are sure of making enough profit, they will be ready to implement some more aggressive marketing techniques, and that will ultimately translate to more profits.

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