Installation of Electronic Awnings

Electric awnings are the awnings that are monitored with the help of a remote. These awnings are great and are too convenient to use. Once the awning is installed you can enjoy the outer space of your dwelling without any troubles from the weather. They are not only helpful but also gives a captivating look to your place. One can choose the design and pattern of the awning as per his will. There are various companies that even customize these awnings as per the customer’s requirement. 


The process of installing an electronic awning is simple and easy. You can even do it by yourself if you have a hang of doing these kinds of activities. If not, then the company themselves send their staff members to help you in installing it. If you want to try this by yourself follow the below stated steps to install the electronic awning successfully. 

Before starting with the steps let us tell you what are the extra accessories that you will be receiving with your awning. This can differ from company to company. Let us let you the basic items that the box will contain. 

  • Awning
  • Receiver panel/ Indoor switch
  • Four cable wires
  • Remote

STEP 1: Fix the awning wherever you want to fix it. This is a very simple and easy task done with no difficulty. 

STEP 2: Once the awning is fixed the 3 wires of the awning needs to be attached to the control panel. One wire is used to retract the awning, the second wire is used to open the awning. The third wire is used to connect awning with the wind sensor which is optional.

STEP 3: Now connect the control panel with the main circuit for the supply of electricity. This can be done by connecting the control panel to the socket with the help of the fourth core cable. 

STEP 4: Once all these are connected you are ready to use the awning without any hassle. You can either use the inner switch i.e. the receiver panel or the remote to monitor the awning.

STEP 5: The third cable can be used when you receive a wind sensor with your awning. You can connect the wind sensor with the awning with the help of this third wire. 

By following the above steps you can easily install electronic awning by yourself without even taking any electrician’s help. 


The cost of an electronic awning depends upon the company from which you are purchasing it. It is quite evident that the price of an electronic awning will be much higher than the price of a simple awning. This is because of the extra electronic accessories provided by the company for its monitorization. The electric awning price differs from company to company. It also depends on the quality of electronic awning that you are purchasing. If you are purchasing a high-quality electronic awning the price of it would definitely be on a higher scale. But with a higher price, you will also get excellent features imbibed in it. 

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