How to Create an Incredible 6+ Monitor Setup for Trading Computers

Nowadays, trading newbies are lucky to have an abundance of options for trading computers. Moreover, technological advancements allow for complete freedom in terms of configuration versatility. Whether you prefer to work on a laptop or a computer, you’d want to create a powerful trading setup.

Of course, you can’t expect profit without providing optimal conditions for successful trading. Therefore, there are some essential steps to making a six-plus monitor setup suitable for trading computers. To your surprise, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create the trader workstation of your dreams.

Are Gaming Computers Suitable for Trading Workstations?

Firstly, choosing the right computer for your needs should be your primary objective. Typically, all decent gaming machines make excellent trading computers. They pack everything you need, so you won’t have to look for additional components. Your best shot would be a reliable processor with at least 8 or 16 GB of RAM. Moreover, you may need a high-end graphics card with 4 GB of VRAM and a decent SSD storage.

Which One is Better – a Mac or a PC?

At first, learning about general recommendations can quickly encourage you to buy a Mac. However, that choice would be smart only if you use Mac-supported trading software. Generally, nearly all programs run solely on trading computers with Windows OS. Still, you can use Apple’s BootCamp to run Windows 10 on a Mac. Ultimately, that would solve the dilemma once and for all.

How Many Monitors Do Trading Computers Need?

If you plan on multitasking heavily, don’t spare any space available. Instead, you should install at least four or six monitors to ensure optimal trading experience. After all, you need enough room for all the charts, scanner, chat room, and such.

Fortunately, many retailers offer trading computers and everything needed for a professional workstation. You can order pre-made stands with different features and configurations. Usually, you’d want a standard multi-monitor matrix suitable for six 24-inch or 27-inch displays.

What about the Monitor Stands?

Depending on your space, you can choose between a 6 x 1 or 3 x 2 alignment. Moreover, you can opt for either a free-standing attachment or a through-the-desk one. Ultimately, you’d want a product with as many extras as possible for additional convenience.

If you’re eager to find a bargain, you can look for a decent multi-monitor mount on Amazon. Keep in mind that your racks must be VESA compliant to provide a universal installation setup.

What Keyboard and Mouse Are the Best for Trading Computers?

Sometimes, novice traders become rather anxious about small details such as the keyboard and mouse. On the other hand, there’s no need to exaggerate their importance. Perhaps, you should look for a wired pair for optimal reliability and performance. If you plan on using a laptop, make sure you turn off your touchpad to avoid mishaps.

What Types of Adapters Do I Need?

Creating a six-plus monitor trading setup isn’t that easy. Perhaps, you might want to focus on ensuring you have all adapters needed to run your trading station. Typically, hooking six or more screens to your machine can be quite overwhelming. Moreover, some laptops don’t have that many ports.

Of course, standard portable computers don’t have too many HDMI, DVI, or DP ports. For this reason, you may need some video adapters. For example, you can use a USB 3.0 display adapter to attach a monitor to one of your USB ports.

Besides, you can use a USB hub to support your multi-monitor setup. Just attach each monitor to a USB Display Video Adapter and then to the USB hub. Then, plug in the USB adapter to the laptop, and you’re ready to go.

What Internet Connection Should I Use?

Generally, most traders would tell you that the speed of your Internet connection won’t affect your work. However, day trading requires making quick decisions, typically within milliseconds. Therefore, paying a little more for a faster and reliable connection can make a huge difference.

Furthermore, your best shot would be to provide a broadband connection. Wireless is still the right choice, but it’s not as reliable as you’d expect. Ultimately, you may use both types of interchangeably. Still, fiber-optics provides the fastest speed overall. If you have the budget, you can opt for this high-end alternative.

Professional Retailers Always Offer the Best Trading Computers

Finally, you’d want to get the best value for your money. Of course, a gaming computer may not live up to your expectations. Perhaps, your biggest challenge would be to choose the right machine first. Keep in mind that you’d have to look for suitable monitors, stands, and video adapters. Still, you may have to consider other additional components.

Indeed, it may seem harder than it appeared at the beginning. So, why not take the easier route and rely on professional retailers? Websites like Trading Computers offer dedicated trading software and hardware. Trading Computers is the best place to get you started. You can purchase a pre-made bundle from the vast collection of trading computers.

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